Mini Reviews: SinHeresy, Trial (Sweden), Terrorway

Sinheresy coverBand:  SinHeresy

Album:  Paint the World (debut album)

Release Date:  30 Sep 13

Label:  Bakerteam Records

Style:  Symphonic metal with male/female vocals

From:  Italy

Sounds like:  Helloween, Delain, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish (with Anette Olzon), Kamelot

Last Fall kicks off the album with a high-energy octane boost complete with double bass and accompanying symphonics.  You pretty much get everything up front and it sets up the album well.  It is also one of the more upbeat/speedy songs on the album.  The six-piece employs a wide ranging sound to capture a symphonic, epic-ish metal feel.  Both vocalists share roughly equal roles complementing each other without going to extremes – Stefano’s vocals are not growling, but sometimes gritty.  The music is a catchy foot-tapping experience of mostly mid to high tempo songs except Roses & Thorns and Our Angel which are more of the power symphonic ballad types.  Overall, Paint the World is mostly energetic from start to finish, but maintains a relatively constant pace that doesn’t stray far from your basic symphonic metal ingredients.  It’s a solid debut album that should enable the band to branch out and capture deeper elements of symphonic metal.

I am unable to find anything from the new album, so below is a clip from their EP.

trial - malicious arts coverBand:  Trial (Sweden)

Album: Malicious Arts 7” (two songs)

Release Date:

Label:  Nuclear Winter Records

Style:  Metal with a classic 80s slightly power metal feel

From:  Sweden

Sounds like:  King Diamond, Helloween, Iron Maiden

There are only two songs to go by for Trial’s EP.  Both songs, To Dust and Of Sinister Seed (The Madness Within) follow a similar path that emanates a classic 80s metal feel.  The production even feels the same as so many albums of the day like it was recorded in a studio that echoed.  That’s nothing against the band at all; I am not sure they wanted that particular production, but it works for these songs to give it that classic feel.  The vocal range is reminiscent of King Diamond’s highs especially; Johansson can get way up there screaming to the stars.  For just two songs, I would say it’s a strong start.  The music is very straightforward metal with a slightly epic touch particularly on Of Sinister Seed (The Madness Within).

TerrorwayBand:  TerrorWay

Album:  Blackwaters

Release Date:

Label:  Bakerteam Records

Style:  Metalcore

From:  Italy

Sounds like:  Chimaira, Strapping Young Lad (as an influence), The Haunted

There is no lack of brutality on BlackwatersWretched starts off the album with bone crunching riffs and heavy drums.  Though they seem fall in line with other metalcore bands, but they avoid the cleans and stick to the more brutal elements.  They do, however, add some other elements such as slow and melodic breakouts and some atmospheric elements to give the album a bit of depth.  In a Swamp is a good example that features whispering lyrics against a backdrop of bass and melody before it carries on with standard ‘core riffing and drumming.  This song also has a short solo in the latter half.   Overall, there is no compromise on Blackwaters.  TerrorWay is the latest of many metalcore bands of the generation, but what sets them apart is how they add a bit of diversity though instrumentation vs. just sticking to the most brutal stripped down elements of some ‘core music.  They do avoid the cleans which, in my humble opinion, is where some bands overuse it or misuse it and fail on an epic level.

Unfortunately, no new posts yet, but I did find a live clip of a new song.


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