What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox (10 Sep 13)

full mail inboxThis week on What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox, my goal is to be as diverse as possible.  This time around I am painstakingly sifting through the requests and advertisements to capture the breadth of metal which you know doesn’t always have to be bone crunching or heavy.  Of course, that is preferred, but metal comes in many forms.  Since I am trying to bring you as much music as possible, I will skip the chatter and get to the most important point, which is introducing (hopefully) a little something new to you.

Johnny Wore Black

First up is Johnny Wore Black.  We have been following his progress for quite some time now as he has released several videos.  I believe a full album is on the way shortly.  While recording his creations, he managed to get Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson to collaborate on some of his music.  Below is the latest song, Gift of Desperation.


Broken Hero comes off their EP, Life, which is out now.  The band is a mix of American and European artists and are currently unsigned.  Check out their song below.

Distorted Force

This Greek outfit is working on their new album which features a bit of progressive elements with darker, more brutal metal.  Fields in Desolation was self-released in April of 2013 and the band is already working on their next album Taken By Force.

Black Prism

Acid Rock is what they call it.  I can tell you that Satan’s Country is slow, droning rock that epitomizes the image of the Easy Rider…the label they happen to belong to.  Check it out.


Their debut EP is called Volatile Desires.  They remind me of a Korn I used to remember before Korn went grew to what they are today which is pretty much dubstep.  Let’s hope Asymmetry keeps it heavy.  Asymmetry’s debut track is called New God and is ready for your listening pleasure.

Forlorn Chambers

Out of Tampere, Finland comes this blackened death metal outfit ready to brutalize your ear drums.  Check out And We Hail The Ones Who Fall below.  They also have two other songs at their Soundcloud site.


Though this post is more for the bands you don’t know, I can’t help but pass this one on as well. This is from Katatonia’s forthcoming Dethroned and Uncrowned which is Dead End Kings remixed in a more subtle, melancholy approach.  Personally, I can’t wait for this one which should be really, really soon.


Ouch, this bone crunching crew combines sort of a death and hardcore mix into a nice rhythmic headbanging experience.  Suffering appears on their Disorder of Mind mini album.  Enjoy.

The Hysteria

This one showed up though our facebook page, so thank you to those who support us and check us out there.  Black Cat Wailing at the Moon is a guitar playthough video for you to check out. They have an EP called Trojan Horse out now which you can find it on iTunes.  This is the second time we posted about The Hysteria in this format.  I thought you would enjoy the guitar playthrough so, here they are again.

Banned From Hell

That’s a clever name.  Killing in Cold Blood comes off their Nightmare EP.  There is a bit of Cradle of Filth influence going on here with this melodic death metal outfit.  When a band states there influences are Death and Stratovarius, interesting things are going to happen.  Check out their song below.

I think I will stop here for now.  We do have a few more coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned, I am sure the diversity will continue.


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