Album Reviews: Circsena – Circsena EP and In Silentio Noctis – Disenchant The Hypocrites

a2301518597_10Circsena – Circsena EP

Here’s something for fans of dark, melodic metal with folk music influences. Circsena is a two man band from Germany and this is their first EP, self-titled and self-released. The first thing I notice is the unusual male singing voice, it’s a kind of black metal-hissing and I can imagine that the listener will either love it or hate it.  I think it sounds good together with their blackened sound and catchy, melancholy melodies. Circsena creates memorable music that is easy to listen to and like, and even though it’s not the most complex of styles, it’s actually quite captivating. The songs are all mid-tempo with plenty of variation, addictive guitars and great flow. The nature-themed lyrics fits the music very well and the addition of a female guest vocalist on the third track really brings the song to life. This is only the first taste of what’s to come; there is a plan to release three albums that will all be a part of an epic fantasy story called “The Dryad Saga”.

0001672013_20The artwork of this EP and the merchandise is stunningly beautiful and unique. This is a warm, relaxing and enjoyable listening experience, though I wish it had been longer than only 18 minutes, so now I’m looking forward to their full-length album.


In Silentio Noctis – Disenchant The Hypocrites EP

The Finnish symphonic, melodic black metal band In Silentio Noctis released their debut album ‘Through Fragments of Christianity’ three years ago, went through some line up changes and are now back with a short EP titled ‘Disenchant The Hypocrites’. You can hear a little bit of the symphonic black elements of Dimmu Borgir and the operatic song structures of Therion in their music and a large potion of Cradle of Filth’s gothic sound.  I really like the use of guitars, they could be called the backbone in these tracks and the guitars are what keeps it interesting with lots of various rhythmic techniques and cool riffs. The heavily symphonic music filled with violins and orchestration kind of takes over and the vocals, although they are good, are never very prominent in the mix. It’s not a huge problem, as I’m not a big fan of female, opera-like vocals, but it is quite nice to hear a female singing (without the support of a male singer) in symphonic black metal for a change. This is another very short EP, containing only three tracks, but it’s worth checking out for fans of symphonic metal.


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