Song Of The Week: Nekrogoblikon – Powercore


Every time that you try to do something right 

You seem to get it oh so wrong 
It’s almost like a joke 
But no one’s laughing now “

“More disappointing than a box of rats on Christmas 
More worthless than a dumpster filled with pogs (POGS!) 
More disgusting than the time I took a bath with lots of slugs 
More revolting than a barrel full of ears”

Our favourite green man is back with a tune that is catchy as hell, lyrics that the whole family can sing along to and a live video where he’s showing off those gorgeous, irresistible goblin moves. Nekrogoblikon’s  EP ‘ power’ was released yesterday and after hearing this song I immediately went to Bandcamp to buy it. The silly lyrics together with that goblin singing voice puts a big smile on my face and while listening there are moments when I feel like painting myself green and wear huge goblin ears so I can get a more authentic experience while rocking out to Nekrogoblikon’s infectious style of symphonic death metal.  Goblins forever!


Stream their EP here:


About Irmelinis

A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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