Album Review: Gemini Syndrome – Lux

Gemini-Syndrome-LUX-300x300I have been hearing about Gemini Syndrome for quite some time now, but haven’t had or taken much time to take in their style of hard rock.  It’s been a busy year in metal (for me) and unfortunately some bands intended for further exploration got set aside and/or forgotten.  I mainly heard of Gemini Syndrome though videos sent to our inbox which led to a need to further check them out – only that never happened.  Despite repeated reminders to listen to them, this is my first real taste of the quintet.  Lux is their forthcoming 12-song album set for release on 10 Sep 13 in the United States.  After several (theoretical) spins, one of the first things that stick out is their ability to transition from a solid hard rock vibe to melodic harmonies without making it feel forced or necessary.

Lux kicks off with a bit of force despite marked clean choruses.  Pleasure and Pain is one of the heavier songs on the album which builds up to the subsequent tracks follow Pleasure and Pain’s lead.  The first part of the album is stable with similar tempo songs.  It isn’t until the sixth track, Morning Star that we feel the presence of a near ballad – a much softer song comparatively, but not so soft that it bleeds cheese.  It actually starts off like something you would hear on a symphonic metal album…a bit theatric feeling during intermittent parts of the song.

Though I am an avid fan of thrash and death metal – among other genres, I do like to have my set of bands I can turn to when I am seeking something a little less aggressive, but still packs a punch – something that rocks without the harshness I listen to on a daily basis.  Gemini Syndrome fills the void I have of acceptable bands I can turn to when the need arises, which is more often than you might think.  Overall, Lux is an enjoyable set of songs that hits hard, yet emphasizes melodic harmonies that do not feel forced.

Release Date:  10 Sep 13

Record Label:  Warner Bros Records

Nationality:  United States

Sounds like:  Dope, Disturbed, Godsmack, Drowning Pool, System of a Down, Incubus, Shinedown


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