Album Review: Acherontas – Amenti

CDDG10T1-001 (1k1).3 Kopie.eps

Release Date: May 17, 2013 on W.T.C Productions

Tracks: 9

Length: 62 minutes

Genre:  Black Metal

Previous releases: Debut album Tat Tvam Asi 2007, Theosis 2010, Vamachara 2011

Recommended for fans of: Ritualistic and atmospheric black metal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADescription: Acherontas is a black metal band from Greece with a very ritualistic and mysterious sound. It’s raw and very dark, but melodic, with good riffs and varied song structures. Because of the focus on atmosphere, the music gives a majestic and intense impression and has plenty of interesting atmospheric sound effects.  It’s not the beautiful, spacey kind of mood though; the use of shouts and screams, whispers and howling winds creates a much more disturbing, evil and hypnotizing feeling. All the tracks are really long, all over seven minutes each, except for the very last one.  But the songs are nicely composed and changes pace often, which is a requirement to keep the listener’s attention trough these lengthy, demanding tracks.


Strong points: The band has put a lot of thought and depth into the lyrics; they are detailed, well written and if interested, they are definitely worth checking out. The use of many different instruments like strings, bells, keyboards as well as well timed sound effects is brilliant and keeps the album interesting. The chanting and whispering vocals adds a unique and important authentic feeling to the ritualistic music. The production is balanced and somewhat clean, but never too much.

Weak points: A bit long. The music can become monotonous, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Recommended songs: Nebt-Het, Amenti, Erset La Tari

Conclusion: There was much more to this album than I first thought, with many details and sounds that don’t reveal their true meaning until after a couple of listens. Together with the deep lyrics it’s definitely not something for everyone, but for a dedicated, frost-bitten black metal fan, Acherontas ‘Amenti’  could become a big favourite.


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