Mini Reviews: Deals Death, Denied, Sawthis

Deals Death – Point Zero Solution

Deals_Death-Point_Zero_SolutionThis is an energetic album that incorporates a healthy amount of keys into their thrashy/death mix of brutality and melody.  Deals Death, has a vibe suggestive of Children of Bodom, but that similarity ends on the surface.  Where Children of Bodom remains rough around the edges most of the time, Deals Death focuses more on melody and in some cases borderlines a death metal level of ferocity.  The keys are present throughout the album and add a nice dimension to Deals Death, but they are also the main reason for the stark comparison to their Scandinavian counterparts.  After several listens, the album is a strong dose of headbanging riffs, high-energy, and a groove that is quite appealing.  Point Zero Solution is set for release on Sep 13…Friday the 13th.  Perfect!

Since the new material appears to be under lock and key, you will have to sample their older video to prime your ears until the new release is upon us.

Denied – Let Them Burn

DENIED - Let them burnShifting gears a bit, Denied has groovy vide more along the lines of Stone Sour though they do focus just a bit more on speed and thrashiness.  The riffing is catchy and the choruses more on the melodic side.  The ten songs on Let Them Burn total about 38 minutes and consist of a well-balanced set of varying tempo songs.  Constant Rage begins with high-tempo speed where Garden of Stone is along the power-ballad style without the cheese factor.  In Hell has a pit-inducing cadence and a nice finger-tapping gallop throughout most of the song.  The vocals are fairly clean with a little grit to them here and there, but more importantly they are intelligible for those that like to hear words.  Overall, Let Them Burn is non-threatening as such that they should appeal to a wider metal audience.  Let them burn was released on Sliptrick Records on 26 Jan 2013.

Sawthis – Youniverse

SAWTHIS_YOUNIVERSE_COPERTINA HDI think these three bands featured for this edition of mini-reviews would complement each other on a tour.  Sawthis is a bit more on the thrash side of the metal spectrum though I do hear some tiny elements of metalcore.  The vocal style is both clean with some grit and growling at certain times, borderline intelligible if you aren’t paying attention.  They have a very heavy pit-inducing edge to them and often soften up during the chorus and in some cases such as on The Voice Falls On Me, they get very melodic.  Youniverse is the band’s third studio album set for release Sep 30th.  The new work is said to revolve around the theme of multiple personality disorder and features a guest appearance by Rob Cavestany of Death Angel.  Enjoy!


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