Quickie Reviews: Primitive Man, Brutus, Alters, and Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots

brock-samson-spHere are some cool recent albums I’ve checked out that I think you all should know about.  Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!

Scorn by Primitive Man

PromoImageFor some reason when I popped this record in I was half expecting some kind of stoner metal due to me mixing their band name up with another band that goes by the name Early Man (cool stoner band, check ’em out).  Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.  Primitive Man plays a style of funeral doom death metal that really works with their chosen band name.  Their sound is slow, sludgy, raw, and stripped down to its core of pure malicious intent.  Funeral doom really isn’t music that captivates me, but for some reason I was just drawn in by the sheer heaviness of the music.  I guess the added death metal element gave it that dynamic (namely some groove) that held my interest for more than 2 min like the avg. funeral doom tune does.  Not an album I will listen to very often, but I definitely hear something special in it and recommend Scorn highly to fans of drone-y funeral doom or those who like their heavy coming from slower, more claustrophobic sectors of the spectrum.

Scorn is out now through Relapse Records and you can give it a listen and purchase it through the Bandcamp player below.

Behind the Mountains by Brutus

PromoImageAs you probably know by now, I totally love my blues laden stoner rock.  It’s one of those genres where I even find something I really dig in all the bands the genre has to offer.  So naturally it was love at first listen when I popped Behind the Mountains on.  While nothing incredibly original or groundbreaking, what Brutus really excels at is writing and performing high quality hazy blues rock with a nice psychedelic touch to the songs.  There are groovy as hell riffs and jammed out solos and band jams peppered throughout the whole record and a penchant for beautifully warm tones on all the instruments, especially in the guitars and drums, which is due to the bands ‘Pro Tools-less’ live studio recording approach.  If you have a hankering for a record that is simply a damn good time to listen to and groove on bands like Blue Cheer, Pentagram, Jess and the Ancient Ones, and Grand Funk Railroad you could do a lot worse than Behind the Mountains.  Highly recommended.

Behind the Mountains is out now through Svart Records.

Paramnesia by Alters

PromoImageI really can’t put my finger on it, but there is something really transcendental about the death metal found on Paramnesia.  Something I’ve never really heard before.  Sure, there’s transcendental black metal bands like Krallice and Liturgy creating hypnotic extreme music, but in the death metal genre, I really haven’t heard anything like that yet.  That is until I hit play on Alters’ latest.  This is really cool stuff.  There’s a ton of the traditional death metal bruise and groove, but at the same time the songs are ethereal and haunting.  Things do get a little drab from time to time but any missteps are made up with the mind melting final 3 song suite at the close of the record.  A solid purchase for those looking for something a bit different in their death metal.

Paramnesia will be released Sept. 6, 2013 through Nuclear Winter records.  Preview song and preorders can be done with the Bandcamp player below.

Self-Titled Double LP by Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots

PromoImageThis self-titled album is most definitely one of the nicest surprises to come into our inbox this year for me.  Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots aren’t exactly a metal band, but the darker nature of their music is the type that will certainly appeal to those who enjoy the more spiritualistic, atmospheric side of the genre.  Basically a very intricate and phenomenally well performed folk album with lots of country, rock, bluegrass, and Appalachian influences.  The music has a lot of Americana in it, but it is never played to the sickening cheesy end like modern country music does and it all carries a nice Johnny Cash style rawness and genuineness midst the large amount of instrumentation and layers.  Vocalist Jay Munly is a complete pleasure to listen to as his elastic voice bounds through warming baritones to crisp sopranos as he recounts storybook like tales of heartbreak and redemption.

If you feel a need to step away from metal for a bit and explore a more roots sound and are curious as to what good country music sounds like I can not recommend giving this album a shot enough.

The S/T LP is a re-release and remaster of the bands 2004 debut and is out now through Pesanta Urfolk.


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  1. There is really nothing original about the Brutus song. You can instantly name all the bands appearing in every part of the song. But still, I like it 😀

    Primitve Man are not my cup of tea. I still don’t understand this Drone thing… It’s just kind of uhhmm uneventful music 😉 Altars is Ok, but this drum sound is terrible.

    Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots is noted on my to-buy-list. It sounds outstanding and versatile. Great finale.

    Much simpler, but a song that stuck in my mind for some weeks is this one. I like this stripped down rythmic approach in the song or songs like Johnny Cash’s “God’s gonna cut you done”-version.

    Also, since I’m talking to a Stoner Fan. What are your thoughts on the Vista Chino songs? Dragona Dragona sounds good to me, but suprisingly the vocals are a bit weak. I’m kind of disappointed but hope for the best.

    • I heard the single from Vista Chino, and like you, I wasn’t overly impressed but I didn’t totally hate it. I’m hoping for the best as well.

      I really dug that tune you posted, I need to check some more out. That stripped down style is always welcome in my book. It’s a shame Ford Trucks, Nascar, and Budweiser ruined country music, because at its core its such a wonderful style with lots of originality.

  2. I was wrong about Brutus. Listened to some other songs. Seems to be quite a bit above “good average”.

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