Album Review: Taberah – Necromancer

TaberahNecromancerOh, the epicness of a power metal band.  When it’s done properly, the music should give you an uplifting reach-for-the-stars feeling and the inspiration to overcome life’s obstacles.  Taberah certainly embodied that sensation with their bombastic thrashiness and melodic solos.   Their (sometimes) slow choruses and high-tempo riffing and double bass keep you motivated throughout this sing-along album, Necromancer – their sophomore effort.  The Tasmania, Australia, quartet was featured on this site in one of our “What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox” posts which you can read here.  They have been quite busy establishing themselves within the island/continent of cute, cuddly, and highly poisonous creatures.  Now, their 2013 release is sure to cement themselves as an up-and-comer in the realm of power metal and lift these guys out from down under to the top half of the world.

The album is 52 minutes of highly upbeat rhythms and melodic guitar solos. The song 2012 kicks off without the buildup of an intro that would normally precede such an album.  Instead a very finger-tapping hard rock cadence begins the song and then it quickly moves into instantly recognizable power metal vocals and a harmonious chorus.  The vocals are clean and a lower octave than that of most other power metal counterparts listed below, but could use a bit more grit.  The album holds strong from beginning to end and to make things a bit better for this guy, they have a classic appeal of mid to late 80s bands, yet sound fresh and exhilarating.

Release Date:  13 Sep 13

Record Label:  Dust on the Tracks

Nationality:  Australia

Sounds like:  Helloween, DragonForce, Thin Lizzy, Queen, Motorhead


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