Album Review: Scythe – Subterranean Steel

Scythe - Subterranean Steel album coverFor those that might have been into a band called Usurper, Scythe is the new band formed by Rick Scythe who was a former Usurper member for 13 years.  After their breakup, Scythe formed in 2010 and has released their follow-up to their debut Beware of the Scythe.  The new album titled Subterranean Steel and is loaded with classic 80s thrash/death metal speed and riffing with some semblance of black metal embedded here and there.  To say the least, this is about 43 minutes of straightforward ferocity that is a welcome sound in an era of clean/gritty vocal trade-offs that aim to appeal to a broader audience.  Scythe has nothing to do with that scene instead opting for a genuine thrill ride of fast-tempo headbanging, pit-inducing metal!

From the opening track Leather Aggressor, the album kicks into overdrive and doesn’t let up much from there.  Occasionally, there are some mid-tempo rhythmic pieces, but for the most part your ear drums will be over excited with double bass drumming, gritty vocals, and non-stop speed riffing combined with noteworthy guitar solos.  Subterranean Steel is an uncompromising blitz of the stuff that make metal, metal!

You can check out songs from the new album by clicking here.

Release Date: 11 Sep 13

Record Label:  RIP Records (USA)

Nationality:  United States (Chicago)

Similar bands:  Kreator, Classic Testament, Destruction

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