What’s Cookin’ In The Inbox (16 Aug 13)

12432558-new-email-message-in-the-inbox-concept-on-white-backgroundFor this edition of What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox, I am bringing you more bands than ever before.  It has been a busy summer for new music both signed and unsigned.  I was always under the impression summers we slow, but 2013 is proving otherwise.  I think I have an eclectic mix for your listening pleasure this time around.  We’ve got bands from all over this pretty blue planet and without further delay, let’s let the music do the talking and start off our journey with a band from Minsk.  Enjoy!

The Hysteria – Trojan Horse

When The Hysteria submitted a link to their video for review, they added that fans of Dillinger Escape Plan and Protest The Hero might be interested in their brutal concoction.  This self-proclaimed mathcore/experimental quartet hails from Minsk.  Their recipe for metal is complicated with bursts of melody; it requires more than one listen to hear all the elements.  Check out their video for Trojan Horse below.  You can read more about the band at their facebook page here.

DARKC3LL – Exorcist

This metal act is loaded with electronic elements similar to something you might hear in Marilyn Manson or Dope.  They have a gritty and groovy edge which makes their music more accessible to a wider audience despite poking holes at religion…a fun topic to sing about in metal.  Their new album is due out in Sept 2013 and Exorcist is the second single off that record.  Be sure to check out the video for Exorcist below.

Gyre – Second Circle EP Sampler

Fresh out of the Garden State (New Jersey) is Gyre.  They released an EP, Second Circle, in July on Monolithic Records.  Below is a teaser for that EP where you can sample their groovy deathcore/progressive metal growls and heavy riffs.

Obitus Vitae – Olfacit Mortis

Changing gears a little bit, Obitus Vitae incorporates everything that is darkness and despair and what I mean by that is Black/Atmospheric/Doom metal.  Believe it or not, this is a one-man band and to take it one step further, the occult overtones are sung in Latin.  He mentions Rotting Christ as an influence if that means anything to you.  Of all the metal genres, this style I know the least about, but I can tell you that the three aforementioned genres are represented well.  Enjoy this hellacious still picture video clip.

Plague Throat – Sinking Higher

Now shifting gears in a different direction, death metal band Plague Throat hail from India.  From what I know of Indian metal is that it can and often is brutal as f**k.  This song is no exception.  They are a very straightforward death metal band.  They are brought to us by Incanned Productions in India.  Get your growling vocals ready to sing along with this.

Her Dying Regret – Legacy

This melodic metalcore act comes to us from the United Kingdom.  They utilize an appropriate amount of clean and screamy/growly vocals.  In true metalcore fashion, they incorporate both melodic harmonies with bursts of brutality.  Legacy, the album, will be released on the 19th of September.  Check out their self-titled single here.

Temple of Void – Exanimate Gaze

It wasn’t my intention to select bands that either are or border on the occult, it just seems to be what flooded out inbox lately.  I do thoroughly enjoy the riff that introduces this song and the ensuing riffing thereafter.  Temple of void incorporate a bit of a doomy death metal combo that makes for a combination of brutality and melody…in a heavy sense.  Demo XXMIII was released in May of 2013.  A full-length album will be released in 2014.

Green Death – The Devil’s Hand/Bathed in Black

They come from Iowa and thankfully they do not sound like Slipknot.  Instead they to remind me of an early Soundgarden and some of the early Alice in Chains style music and may as well throw in a little Type O Negative and Danzig in there as well.  They have many influences making their presence known in their music, but they still come off as being a fresh and enjoyable listen.  You can find their EP Dawn of the Death at Amazon, iTunes, etc.  This set is a double dose from the same EP. Ok, now that I listen to both videos, these guys cover a wide range of metal styles. You will have to listen to hear it for yourself.


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