Video Of The Week: Moth – Dissolved

The Denver-based band Moth released their fantastic debut album ‘Endlessly In Motion’ in the beginning of this year (album review here) and have now finished making their first video for the track ‘Dissolved’. It’s a very emotional and aggressive song with a dark, serious atmosphere and philosophical lyrics. The song is crushingly heavy right from the start and only briefly slows down in the middle, making room for the beautiful keyboard and guitars, before it picks up again and lets the drums relentlessly pummel your ears until it ends.

The vocalist has an incredibly powerful, sincere voice and he does a great job delivering furious growls and sorrowful screams, similar to Devin Townsend in Strapping Young Lad. The music has a nice balance between melody and mechanical, heavy rhythm and with the many slight changes in tempo it’s always keeping your attention. The video clearly pictures the frustration and desperation that this song is about:

“Exist behind the faces changing constant, I become someone else.
Construct the shades, accommodate this existence. I become someone else.
I am, I will, become the void that’s left to live eternally
We must forget any pieces, anything remaining our identity
Dissolved in this shifting face, I stray from what makes me human.”

I think the band members made an interesting and good choice of outfits for the video, it’s not often you see metalheads in button up shirts, suspensers, shiny shoes and suit trousers. But norm-breaking is what metal is all about, isn’t it? Very elegant!


Their full album can be found on Bandcamp, available for streaming.


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