Album Review: Locrian – Return To Annihilation


“Eternity in the midst of profound dusk, projected endlessly through this void

As a veil, as an aura, as an apparition, to awaken the world from its dream of itself”


Release Date: June 25 2013 on Relapse Records

Tracks:  7

Length: 48 minutes

Genre: Post rock/Industrial/Black/Ambient

Previous releases: Debut full-length ‘Drenched Lands’ 2009, ‘Territories’ 2010, ‘The Crystal World’ 2010, ‘The Clearing & The Final Epoch’ 2012, ‘New Dominion’ 2012

Recommended for fans of:  Ambient, post rock, drone, industrial, experimental, atmospheric black metal

Description: The Chicago based band Locrian started out as a band in 2005 and have already over 20 releases, including EP’s and splits in their discography. The music on this album goes through so many styles and moods that it’s almost hard to keep up; you never know what to expect next. This makes it a really fresh and interesting listen. The sound is quite minimalistic and simple, but that is where the beauty lies; it’s dynamic and varied, with a nice flow and frightening, intense atmospheres. The first song ‘Eternal Return’ is very dreamy and dense; full of keyboards, floating guitars and pounding drums. It’s a wonderful, uplifting start of an album that quickly goes into darker territory on the second song ‘A Visitation From The Wrath of Heaven’ and then moves onto the droning, haunting tune ‘Two Moons’. The foreboding and desolate atmosphere is always the focus of the songs but there are plenty of beautiful passages and tranquil melodies to balance it out. The album is mainly instrumental although tortured black metal- vocals appear on a couple of songs. The last song ‘Obsolete Energies’ is over 15 minutes long and includes all kinds of styles we’ve heard during the bleak, foggy journey through ‘Return to Annihilation’. It’s not a happy ending, but it’s a very strong one.

Strong points: Great mix, with the vocals far in the background. The album has a wonderful flow, plenty of texture and a cohesive feeling. There is a good balance between the different emotions in the songs.

Recommended songs: ‘Eternal Return’, ‘Return to Annihilation’ and ‘Obsolete Energies’

Conclusion: Locrian paints an unsettling, fuzzy and ghost-like world covered in cold darkness. It can be a difficult, disturbing listen and it probably won’t leave you feeling happy in the same way a power metal album would, but if you enjoy this type of music, ‘Return to Annihilation’ is a very satisfying and fascinating experience.


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