Song Of The Week: The Sun Explodes – SevenThreeOne

The UK-based band The Sun Explodes just released their second full length album ‘We Build Mountains’ showing off their high quality musicianship. It’s one of the most unique sounding albums I’ve heard this year, and as always with these types of albums, it’s very difficult to describe the music. The Sun Explodes mixes proggy instrumental delicacy with a creative use of fast-paced metal and dramatic melodies. ‘SevenThreeOne’ is a good example of what they sound like; it has fantastic powerful, passionate singing mixed with growling and crazy falsettos as well as  innovative and technical guitar parts together with extremely catchy grooves. The first time I heard it, I almost turned it off after the first few seconds, thinking it was something I wouldn’t like. But I continued to listen and it quickly grew on me until I was completely addicted to their captivating sound.


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A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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  1. thxs for sharing, I like this

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