Album Review: Gris – À l’âme Enflamée, l’äme Constélle


Release Date: July 9, 2013

Tracks: 10

Length: 80 minutes, 2 discs

Genre: Atmospheric depressive black metal (with many acoustic parts)

Previous releases: Neurasthénie, 2006 (under the name Niflheim), Il Était Une Forêt…, 2007

Recommended for fans of:  Alcest, Agalloch, Sombres Forêts, Drudkh, Lantlôs, Forgotten Tomb

Description: Gris plays a bleak and rather beautiful kind of atmospheric black metal with carefully composed acoustic and classical sections. It’s melancholic and introspective music filled with intriguing, loud bass lines and a magnificent use of different instruments.  You get to hear both cellos and violins, acoustic guitars and piano; all performed by Gris’ two members Icare and Neptune. The power in the songs is well executed through minimalistic melodies, orchestral layers and dynamic singing. The composition is interesting and captivating, and the vocals are of the tortured kind, typical for this style of atmospheric music. 

Gris_A` l'a^me_PortraitsStrong points: It has a really good production, balancing the raw black metal sound with clear instrumentation.  You can hear the impressive, groovy bass work throughout most of the album and it adds a serious tone to the music. Good, ambitious songwriting that keeps the songs interesting. The emotional vocals suit the mood well but never take over; the music is always in focus.

Weak points: A bit too long, which makes it difficult to listen to it all at once.

Recommended songs: Les Forges, Une Èpitaphe de Suie, Moksha

Conclusion: This is not an album you listen to every day, it’s something you put on when you have time to sit down and really listen. Preferably with headphones, to capture the haunting mood and depth.  It’s beautiful, relaxing and a nice addition to any music collection.


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  1. Good review format! I agree that 80 minutes is great, but when the music is intense, it’s a lot to listen to. I like the bass and acoustic parts quite a bit, but I still have a hard getting getting used to the atmospheric elements. Though, if you compare them to the more established bands of the genre, they must be doing something right.

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