Tales From Bandcamp: Oroboros by Ruby the Hatchet

a1763476374_10I’ll be honest, I’m having a complete case of writer’s block right now and can’t think of anything remotely clever to write.  Which is a shame because I really want to write a bunch of really nice things about this neat little gem I found on Bandcamp, but also wanted to post about them before I disappear for a bit.  Oh, well, I guess the music will speak for its self.

Ruby the Hatchet is a great little stoner rock band that is in the same vein as the equally kick ass Royal Thunder.  Lots of bluesy and hazy riffs covered in a nice thick layer of fuzz, soulful female vocals that have a nice raw sound to them, and lot’s of groove to get you head bobbing and booty shaking to.  Pretty much everything I dig in a quality rock band.  Unlike Royal Thunder, Ruby the Hatchet have a more upbeat mood to them, though they do delve into some nice and trippy hash-laden songs/parts here and there.  This is some totally great stuff that any fan of the genre will fall instantly in love with, guaranteed.

So, yeah, click the play button below and rock out with Ruby the Hatchet and then go tell your friends about them and all that other stuff.  Let us know what you thought too, I like hearing your opinions.  The album is also ‘pay what you want’ so if you’re a cheap bastard you can get a HQ copy for the price of free, but you’re really a cool person who will drop the band a few bucks for this killer record.  Right?  You’ll also give them a ‘like’ on Facebook too.  Right? Peace Love and Metal!!!


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