Mini Review: Lord Dying and Speedtrap

Lord Dying – Summon the Faithless

SummonTheFaithlessThree particular genres that go well together are thrash, sludge, and doom.  Of course, I didn’t really know that until I listened to Lord Dying.  As sludge and doom are slowly finding their way into my repertoire, I am finding that sludge is an ingredient that goes well with everything.  You can’t really go wrong with a little sludge.  The Portland, Oregon-based band combines these elements for a unique coherent, yet raw appeal that I have only heard in one other band that rings in my ear right now…Mastodon.  Even then, Mastodon is a relatively new band up my sleeve and I have much to learn about them.  Here is how it works in my mind with Lord Dying.  First, you get the aggression of thrash which is perfect for inducing crowd movement, headbanging, and/or foot-tapping.  Then the sludge gives the music an overall appeal that supports imperfections and grit.  Lastly, doom makes it all just a bit darker.   Dark is good!  Summon the Faithless was released 16 Jul 2013 on Relapse Records.

Speedtrap – Powerdose

speedtrap_coverTwo things came to mind within the first 15 seconds of Speedtrap’s Powerdose, the forthcoming album set for release in August 2013.  First was early 80s speed metal and the second was the bands associated with such an era; Motorhead, Metallica, and Overkill for example.  The Finnish band brings it all back with speed and adrenaline which makes Speedtrap a completely appropriate band name.  As some of you know, that is important to me.  No surprises here, it’s simply balls to the wall.  Unfortunately, the album is a bit short (8 songs/30 minutes), but is nothing short of blazing thrashy speed like they did it long ago.  For those of us around during those ground-breaking times, Speedtrap will bring it all back.  A couple of songs slow down a bit, but mostly Powerdose is 30 minutes of adrenaline-induced metal.  For a sample you can click here for a stream of Powerdose.


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