Album Review: Sombres Forêts – La Mort Du Soleil


Release Date:  09 July 2013 on Sepulchral Productions

Tracks:  7

Length: 52 minutes

Genre:  Depressive Atmospheric Black Metal with many acoustic parts

Previous releases: Sombres Forêts (demo, 2006), Quintessence (full length, 2006), Royaume de Glace (full length, 2008)

Recommended for fans of:  Wolves In The Throne Room, SummoningDrudkh, Gris,  Forgotten Tomb,  Thy Light,  Lantlôs

Annatar - LiveDescription: Sombres Forêts is a one man band from Quebec, Canada. His third album ‘La Mort du Soleil’ is just as bleak as it is beautiful and spine-chilling. It’s eerie and heavy, but at the same time very gentle, bearing a sound that is close to post rock. The dreamy, melancholic tones and sorrowful, howling vocals are mixed with distant drumming and grim, twisted black metal passages. The first song includes several soft piano parts that are executed wonderfully and creates a nice contrast to the angsty, mournful singing. The build-up is fantastic and towards the end it explodes into a dark, desperate chaos. The acoustic guitar in ‘Des Épaves’ brings in some warmth and tranquility to this chilly and dense album while the calming piano in the next track ‘Effondrement’ almost creates a meditative feeling. ‘L’Éther’ is one of the best songs; it’s dreamy and dark and just flows along, only interrupted by Opeth-like acoustic moments in the middle and heavy drums at the end.

Strong points: The beautiful, flowing piano and acoustic guitar parts adds to the dynamic atmosphere; the tribal drumming and soft bass lines makes for a very pleasant listening experience. Good composition and use of effects.

Recommended songs:  Au Flambeau, La Disparition, L’Éther, Brumes, Éntrangleur De Soleils

Conclusion: This album is all about the atmosphere. It’s not always an easy listen, but I have to say it’s very rewarding when in the right mood. It’s so full of despair and sorrow that you can’t help but feel a bit relieved; maybe your own life is not so bad after all.  ‘La Mort du Soleil’ is exactly what the album cover shows; a stormy sea, filled with high waves, followed by calm moments. The chilly, howling wind is always lurking in the background, threatening to come back in full force to throw you over the side of your boat when you least expect it…

A highly recommended album!


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