Concert Review: UK Tech Metal Fest 2013 part 1 – Karybdis, Cold Night For Alligators, Linked, No Consequence


Ladies and Djentlemen!

Compared to last year’s festival that was held indoors at a bar, this year a much bigger event was organized, complete with two stages, late night after parties and camping for the visitors. Add to that a line-up of bands that was to die for, at least if you’re a devoted progressive/tech metal follower, like me. There were acts travelling from India, Israel, Russia, Serbia, USA, Denmark and Sweden, as well as fans coming from countries far outside the UK. That’s how passionate both the fans and musicians are about this djentilicous style of metal.

There were around 800 visitors in total, which might seem very little, but remember, this is a small upcoming festival created for a very small niche in the progressive/tech metal community. The running order of the bands during for the four days was extremely well planned; when one band ended their set, the next one up started on the adjacent stage. Not having to choose between bands was much appreciated and was actually one of the reasons I decided to travel all the way from Sweden to spend a couple of days in a field outside Peterborough, England. The members of the bands playing were happily hanging out with their fans in the festival area the whole weekend and I believe it contributed to make the atmosphere very relaxed and extremely friendly. It literally felt like one big, happy family of music nerds; band members as well as their fans, no one was more important than the other.

The TenterracT (©

The TenterracT

Being in such good company for four days and share the very emotional and almost euphoric experience of seeing our favourite bands play in such an intimate environment, was the most fun I’ve had in many years. I’ve been to many festivals before and seen many well known bands, but the weekend at UK Tech Metal Fest was something very special and different. I can’t wait until next year, I’m going to be there.



This review won’t include all the bands playing, not even all of the ones I did end up watching; I’ve only chosen the ones I liked the best. I will cover the lineup of Saturday and Sunday in upcoming posts. Part 2 here and Part 3 here.


Bands playing: Invocation, Karybdis, The Color Line, Beyond The Dust, Cold Night For Alligators, Exist Immortal, Damned Spring Fragrentia, Metastasis, Linked, No Consequence, Cilice, Scar Symmetry 

Afterparty: The Algorithm, Drewsif Stalin, Collisions, Seething Akira


Previously unknown to me, the UK-based band Karybdis delivered an unbelievably intense show (considering how hot it was) filled with positive, confident energy. They had everything from infectious guitar melodies, rolling drums, chugging to both growling and shrieking vocals. Their diverse and fun style of fast-paced melodic death metal with metalcore influences came as a surprise to me and it was a great start of the day. It was apparent from all the cheering that the rest of the crowd agreed with me. Well performed!


imagesCold Night For Alligators

Some bands just don’t care about looking metal (that’s a good thing, why should they have to?). The members of the Danish band Cold Night For Alligators showed up looking like your average Joe. With short hair, happy faces, wearing sporty, clean outfits they looked like they were going to the golf-course after rocking out on stage. And they certainly knew how to rock! This was another band I hadn’t heard before, that I ended up really liking. Not only were they charming and fun, but their music was a nice blend of technicality and melody with elements of electronic music and heavy groove with exceptionally good clean and harsh vocals. I liked how the catchy melodies were so well integrated with the heavier grooves and how the whole band seemed to have such a positive and relaxed attitude when playing live. They got themselves a new fan.


main2  Linked 

The Israeli band Linked hasn’t been around very long, but they have their first EP out and from the songs I’ve heard I suspected they could be really good live. They have recently been on tour supporting No Consequence around the UK. Like a fresh wind, their two singers came running out, jumped around and completely owned the stage from the first second. That kind of energy and passion is very contagious and they were not afraid to rock out and go crazy in front of the audience. Having two front men creates a nice dynamic feeling as they both fly around and alternate between cleans, harsh vocals and insane, but so lovely, spine-chilling screams.  I love that style of screamy/shrieky vocals. Overall, they have a sound that is more groove-oriented than purely technical and it’s easy to get carried away in the rhythm of the music. A very enjoyable show!

Unfortunately the live video doesn’t have very good sound, here’s an official video instead:


images (1)No Consequence

This was a band I was looking forward to seeing. I’m quite fond of their 2013-release ‘IO’ and their proggy, odd style of breakdown-filled metalcore mixed with beautiful melodies and clean vocals. When they started playing I quickly realized that No Consequence is a band that you’re meant to experience live, so you can really feel the edgy power in the music. They did not disappoint and the rest of the fans seemed to love it too; they put on a very solid show and played all my favourite songs like ‘Bury The Debt’,So Close To Nowhere’ and even the emotional ballad-like ‘Sentient’. Overall, they seem to be very comfortable playing shows together and getting the fans involved and moving (that was difficult due to the unbearable heat). On the Sunday, some of the members of No Consequence would show up and play a Limp Bizkit tribute set, which turned out to be very popular among all the visitors of the festival.


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  1. Sounds like an awesome time especially since there were less than 1K people there. It all sounded very intimate despite it being labeled a festival. This is a particular class of metal I do not know very well, but I did check out the song by Karybdis and I thought it was pretty cool. It makes it all worth it when you have such a good time. Great post and recap.

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