EP Review: Black Crown Initiate – Song Of The Crippled Bull


“Black Crown Initiate is the sound of a sentient being at war with itself and everything else;

an entity holding on for dead life as its inner and outer world dies”


This is one of those “just buy it”-releases. So, just buy it…

For some reason, I knew already after thirty seconds into the first song, when that irresistible bass line kicked in, that I was going to love this EP. It starts off very soft, jazzy, melancholic and almost Opeth-ish, but nearing the two minute mark the soothing clean vocals turn into growling and the music becomes really heavy. Relentlessly, brutally death metal-heavy.  It continues to be an intense roller coaster of technical riffs, pummeling drums and infectious grooves through the whole EP. They combine this with a couple, much needed, melodic, clean passages that will make your heart melt and guitar solos that will give you goose bumps. The vocalist has a good, strong voice for this type of aggressive music and the guitarist that provides the clean vocals fits in perfectly with his emotional singing. This is not your average metal release; this is a band with huge potential that shouldn’t be missed.

‘Song of The Crippled Bull’ is divided into four parts; parts that go into each other to form one long song. The last part reintroduces the beautiful intro from the beginning of the EP, which makes for a nice ending of a refreshing and nearly mind blowing listening experience. I need a full album of this. Please…?

Black Crown Initiate comes from Pennsylvania, USA and ‘Song of the Crippled Bull’ is their debut EP. It can be found for a very small amount of money on Bandcamp, so go and get it!


Stream the full EP here:


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  1. That’s just brilliant!

  2. This is so good I can’t even come up with some snarky comment on how good it is!
    Amazing find!

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