Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #10-6

StarCraft_II_-_Box_Art#10 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

I want to build, build and build. Huge masses of troops. Organize them, line them up, build more and place them out. And then I want to admire my frightening army of mighty Void Rays, enormous Colossi and powerful Archons for a good, long while, before I scare the shit out of my enemies and crush them like tiny ants under my feet. That’s how I imagine it anyway. Even though it’s a pure strategy game, I’ve never been much of a strategist in this game. But I guess that adds a surprise element; I never know what to do or how it will end, I never had a plan A or a plan B, I just improvise. I also really enjoy playing the campaign or a tower defense map.


images (1)#9 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

It might be a pretty obvious choice, but this is just as fun to play as it was 15-20 years ago (has it really been that long?).The size of the world, the many quests and items gives you lots of things to explore and enjoy. It can also be extremely frustrating at times, when the bosses crush you to a little pulp, but that’s okay, I’ve been addicted to this cute little adventure game, the puzzles and the design of it since the first time I played it. It was probably the first game I got really captivated by and played all the way through.


images#8 Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

This is a huge game in many ways. Quite simple to learn, but with so many possibilities. You know the story; create a character, choose a class, beat up monsters, get experience for levels and find the big, bad guy that you need to exterminate… But for me, this game isn’t so much about the story line as it is about collecting cool items. There is a large amount of weapons, armour sets, accessories, gems and other treasures. It’s a hoarder’s dream come true (if only you had more in-game storage space). I can’t even count the amount of hours I’ve spent on this game, grinding and searching, just to get that one special armour set that will give me all the bad ass bonuses, all the glory, all the fame… Sounds like fun, right? Or maybe just a little insane.


41-pay2play-bioware-star-wars-the-old-republic-mmo-mmorpg-1920x1080#7 Star Wars – The Old Republic (online)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…  It’s pretty obvious when you start this game, that the controllers and the battle system is based on World of Warcraft (a game I actually haven’t even tried, but I think every gamer knows the basics of how it works by now) and it seems to be a concept that works very well. The graphics are cartoonish, carefully made and very detailed, colorful and creates a pleasurable gaming experience.

Ever since I watched the movies I’ve been wanting to own a double-bladed light sabre to fight with. They are only made for the dark side in the game, so my first character becomes a red-skinned, vicious, ugly Sith Assassin. Yay for light sabre fights! You can also choose to play on the light side and, for example, be a Han Solo-wannabe smuggler and fly the best looking spaceship in the game. Or be a bounty hunter and only focus on your own winning. And there’s always the option of fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming a true, good-hearted Jedi Knight, of course.

You even get your own spaceship that you can upgrade to cruise around the galaxy with and one of my favourite things to do are the many space missions you get to go through. To fly around and destroy Talon fighters, fleets and space stations is one of my unexpected highlights of this game. But there are a huge amount of things to do and options to choose from, as it should be in a multiplayer online world.


minecraft-wallpaper-2#6  Minecraft

I love freedom in games. I want to be able to do almost whatever I want, in as many ways as possible. I don’t want rules, I don’t want a pointer telling me where to go or corridor-like environments. That makes Minecraft pretty much perfect. There’s not even a tutorial on how to start and what to do, how to craft your tools or where to hide when the darkness arrives (you can of course look it up on the internet, if you’d want to). I have the power of deciding what my gaming experience is going to be like and what a great feeling that is!

It can be something like: I’m going to start with digging the biggest hole in the ground you’ve ever seen; a 100×100 minecraft-blocks wide, just because I can. Wait, I have to wipe out that enormous mountain over their first. And then start a pig farm to get me some food for the upcoming adventures. Maybe collect some brains from zombies? Build a collective transport system for quick and easy transport. Create an advanced, automatic monster-trap. And produce some explosives to make a big underwater cave where I can hide all my treasures. I also want to build an exact replica of the Great Wall of China. Sounds like a plan?

This is a game about nothing. It has no story, it is what you make it. And everything is possible!


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  1. My kids have gotten into Minecraft quite a bit. They play it online and it’s on the Xbox 360 as well. Now they want it on my iPad. I see the appeal of being able to do whatever you want to do and it has obviously made the game quite successful. Nice to see Zelda on your list. I played a bit of Diablo in my days when I first got a computer. It’s very similar to Baldur’s Gate or maybe it’s the other way around; I am not sure which one came first. Good selection, I am looking forward to seeing your top 5.

  2. Nice picks! You’ll see I am very fond of that Zelda game 😉
    And you’re that asshole with the mass void rays! I hate you! Voids are the bane of my existence, especially since I’m a Terran player that likes to rush Battlecruisers. And those fucking colossus, just force me to go all air why don’t you. 🙂

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