Album Review: Exhumed – Necrocracy

PromoImageExhumed and various incarnations of Exhumed have been in the biz a long time – a couple decades and some change.  Why I am only getting around to them now remains a mystery, but thankfully that time has come because I have just added a new Death Metal band to my repertoire.  And that makes it a good day.  The San Jose, CA-based band is set to release Necrocracy on August 2, 2013, give or take a few days for other locations on the planet.  What should you expect?  Nearly 40 minutes of death metal glory, but not just any death metal…this is the kind that reeks of old-school.  Think Entombed, Carcass, and Cannibal Corpse early year’s riffing, solos, blast beats, and brutal growls.  You know the stuff you can sleep to at night…music to the ears!

This is the 6th album of the band’s discography including their cover album.  They have also recorded numerous splits and EPs.  Despite regular activity in the studio, Exhumed has seen its revolving door of band members and one hiatus for about five years.  They reformed in 2010 and released All Guts, No Glory.  And here we are talking about Necrocracy, an album that epitomizes death metal – a formula for which the new breed of death metal or deathcore band should emulate.

Intermixed within the blast beats and deathly growls are creative and melodic guitar solos.  They add a nice touch to a recipe normally brutal through and through.  It gives things a nice break and showcases that death metal can be utterly brutal, but still melodic at the same time.  This is evident on the song Dysmorphic…where I hear the Carcass influence being more prominent.  Instead of doing a play-by-play, I will simply state that when looking to rattle your brain cells and inner ears with quality death metal, Necrocracy will certainly do the job.  The nine tracks that make up the album personify the genre and set the bar high.

Release Date:  2 Aug 2013 (US)

Record Label:  Relapse Records

Nationality:  United States (California)


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