Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Videogames of All-Time #10-6

yo_videogames__by_ry_spirit-d57k3ayAfter doing several “best of” lists centered on music, it’s time to turn attention to my favorite videogames.  Coming up with a best 25 was hard to do since I have been twiddling my joystick for quite some time now…since Atari – get your minds out of the gutter!  I can bet with quite certainty that some of my favorite games are long forgotten and left off this list, but for the sake of picking 25 games I looked at the ensemble of consoles and PC games I played over the years.  I think I captured the breadth of my favorite games across a spectrum of genres.  To put them in order was another task all-together since each game provided a different experience at a different point in my life.  So, I would place less emphasis on where the game is on my list and pay more attention to the fact that it made my list at all.  Of all the games I played in my life narrowing my favorites down to 25 speaks volumes of the game’s impact on me.  Enough rambling, let’s get on with the list!

10.  Saints Row:  The Third (Xbox 360)

imagesNow, this game was fun, over-the-top, and loaded with quirky humor.  It had some advantages over other open world games such as Grand Theft Auto’s later games in that it saved more frequently and missions weren’t so long.  Those features alone made Saints Row more appealing to me due to my lack of patience.  Saints Row: The Third got past that and was able to focus on other aspects of the game like the inane story and (sometimes) wild levels and crazy-ass side missions.  Having access to a helicopter early in the game helped keep things moving a little bit too.  Overall, the game did well in sales, but picked up some hits from the critics.  Personally, I wasn’t too picky about who the game offended…it was just fun to play.

9.  Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

images (1)When it comes to four-player first-person shooter action games, look to Nintendo 64’s Goldeneye 007.  It was the one (pretty much) that started it all…for shooters.  Back in those days (1997) Nintendo 64 was the best system on the market to handle four player simultaneous action.  And, let me tell ya there were countless hours lost in the levels of Goldeneye 007.  First, the game was modeled after the movie and pretty accurate and fun. It was quite smooth as well given the frame-rates of the time.  The four-player capability opened the door for the Call of Duty and Battlefield craze today though most of those younger players enjoying the fruits of good graphics probably have no idea this game ever existed.  There should be a videogame museum somewhere with Goldeneye 007 being a featured game.  The video below is lengthy, but is a great 15-year recap of the model for some of the highest grossing games in history.

8.  L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)

LA-Noire-Logo-150x150It took me a long time to actually buy this game.  I eyeballed it for so long and on the recommendation from Matt, I picked up when it hit the bargain bin for $20.  L.A. Noire provides the advantages of an open world environment (like GTA) and combines it with one of the best stories I have seen in gaming; a 40s-era crime drama detailed down to the scenery, graphics, music, and exceptional voice-acting.  One of the cooler features was arresting and interrogating suspects.  You are given a series of questions to ask as the interrogation unfolds.  Ask the wrong questions and your suspect might walk.  Prior to building evidence on suspects, you get to investigate the crime scenes by asking questions to locals and gathering evidence.  In addition to the main missions there are side missions that pop up usually over the police radio while you are driving around.  If there is ever a sequel to this game I will not wait until it gets discounted to buy it.

 7.  Tomb Raider (Generic, Multi-Console)

Tomb-Raider-2013-Game-Background-HD-Wallpaper-150x150This spot goes out to the whole series or at least the games of that series that I enjoyed which were Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider Anniversary, and Tomb Raider 2013.  Overall, I enjoyed the puzzle solving aspect of these games combined with the story and game play. It provided countless hours of fun and forced you to be thorough in whatever it was you needed to accomplish.  The latest edition of the franchise was a remarkable comeback for the game.  Nearly every aspect of the game from the ones I already played got a reboot…and a good reboot at that.  So, if you are like me and sort of lost interest in the franchise, I highly recommend giving the 2013 edition a chance.  They turned Lara Croft from an agile artifact hunter into an artifact hunter that kicks serious ass.

6.  Baseball (Generic, Multi-Console)

MLB-2K13-150x150This is another shout-out to a series of games I played on every single console I ever owned dating all the way back to the original Atari.  As far as I remember, it wasn’t until the original Nintendo that I could play baseball and actually track stats, create players, and play a full season to victory.  When that happened it opened a new door for sports games, baseball in particular.  I could then be what I was never going to be in real-life which was a future hall of famer.  There were so many different baseball games I have played it’s hard to remember which ones exactly because they rebrand themselves fairly frequently.  Now that I have an Xbox 360, I only have access to the 2K series of games which has been declining in performance over the years, but I still play them anyway…because I love baseball.  It’s also the only way the Kansas City Royals can win a World Series.


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