Album Review: Lunarsea – Hundred Light Years


Release Date: May 20th 2013 on Punishment Records

Tracks: 10

Length: 49 minutes

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Previous releases: Hydrodynamic Wave (demo 2003), Bio Ashes Halo (demo 2004) Hydrodynamic Wave (debut 2006) Route Code Selector (full length 2009)

Recommended for fans of: Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Amon Amarth, Scar Symmetry

LunarseaBandDescription: The Italian band Lunarsea has just released their third full length ‘Hundred Light Years’ and it’s a catchy mix of melodic death and progressive power metal with mostly harsh vocals. It’s fast paced and rhythmic; uses an abundance of keyboards and includes some unexpected spacey moments with piano and violins. Their sound has a slight black metal feel to it at times, as well as some neo-classical prog influences. There are a couple of guest appearances on the album; the singer and violinist Tim Charles from the Australian progressive death metal band Ne Obliviscaris (on track 8) and Emanuele Cassali from the band DGM (on track 6). They add some much needed variation to the songs. The lyrics are quite interesting and very abstract (or just difficult to understand?), an example from the song ‘As Seaweed’:

“We dance as seaweed, like a picture in moving

against our will we are twisting in a sea wave, all flow sways.

If they had a head, it could see the fish swim free, 

a stem at the mercy of the current, thinking it’s a gift to be deleted”

It’s going to take me some time to figure out the meaning of that…

Strong points: Good use of keyboards and clean, echoing vocals to create a spacey feeling. Cryptic lyrics that will give me infinite brain exercise. The wonderful violin is a nice addition; you don’t often hear that in melodic death metal. The song ‘Aphelion Point’ has a good chorus, which is almost necessary in this style of music to make the songs more distinct.

Weak points: After a while it starts sounding a bit stale and boring and nothing really stands out. The vocals, both the clean and the harsh ones, lack passion and sincerity. I would actually like to see the band write lyrics and sing in their own language next time.

Conclusion: If it weren’t for the guest appearances these songs wouldn’t really have held my attention for long. It’s possible that for someone else, this album is a grower; it just doesn’t do it for me. It needs more strong, stand out points and choruses, better vocals and possibly even more violins. You can’t go wrong with violins.

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