EP Review: Black Tusk – Tend No Wounds

PromoImage (3)Black Tusk is a stratovolcano located in Canada’s British Columbia Province.  It stands at just over 7.6K feet or 2.3K meters for those that foolishly do NOT use the English system. To the indigenous Squamish people, Black Tusk is known as the Landing Place of the Thunderbird.  Shit, hold on a second.  Yeah, my bad this is Black Tusk the band not the volcano.  Refocus and go…the Savannah, Georgia, based band is about to release their EP Tend No Wounds.  Six songs make up 23 minutes of sludgy art. Up to this point my experience with Black Tusk was nil.  Until just about 3 years ago anything related to sludge and stoner or any other suitable combination of metal subgenre was far from my musical palette.  Things have exploded in my world over recent years and Black Tusk is yet another new band (to me) that is on my radar…pretty high…right now!

One thing I find particularly cool about this EP and the band in general is their Hardcore infused style of sludge.  It’s not THAT prominent, but you can surely hear it.  They do not make it obvious who their influences are, but I bet they have some Hardcore CDs in their personal collection.  I am going out on a limb to bet they like some Biohazard.  They also have a heavy sound coming out of just three people.  I never expected a trio until I looked up the band.

If these six songs are a quality indication of the evolution of the band then I have some older albums to look into.  From the moment A Cold Embrace kicked in I felt the need to pour me a cold one and whip my bald head around…as if I had hair.  Though it’s just an introduction, it is a solid introduction to what the rest of the songs bring to the table.  Enemy of Reason takes the album from the introduction and blasts it to a raw, gritty level.

Where I stand with this album is that I enjoy the EP and this EP is making me want to go back and sample previous works.  If you are already a Black Tusk fan, I can make no comparison as to the direction of the band from their previous albums to now.  I have much research to do in that respect.

Release Date:  23 July 2013 (US)

Record Label:  Relapse Records

Nationality:  United States (Georgia)


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  1. I have 1 album by Black Tusk and I really dig it. They are really solid, and this EP is damn killer. The thing I like about this band, and their contemporaries, is that they are just damn fun to listen to. Kinda like listening to thrash metal, but for when I’m feeling less hyperactive. Oh, and dat groove!

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