What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox (19 July 2013)

imagesIt’s been about a few weeks since our last post of inbox goodies. I have to say, these last two months have been quite busy with album releases it’s easy to pass on potential gems set aside from our inbox. There is more where these came from so let’s get started with our first band.

Righteous Vendetta

Well look at that there is a metal band in the very State I live in – Wyoming.  Righteous Vendetta hails from somewhere else less populated than my current city…that’s not hard to to actually.  The band has two full length albums under their belt and one EP which was released this year.  It features the song below, The Fire Inside.  The band has charted on the Christian music charts.


Pronounced in-vey-zhuh-n, they are an alt-rock band from Sweden.  I do hear a hint of Depeche Mode going on here among other influences from that era of alt rock.  Their new album is slated for release later this year on Razor & Tie Records.  The band was formed by former members of Refused and DS-13.


Australia’s Taberah has that classic metal feel from the 80s.  I dig it!  2012 is the name of their first single from their forthcoming album Necromancer.  The album is slated for release in August of 2013 on Dust On The Tracks Records.

Kitsune Art

This is beginning to be a very worldly edition of What’s Cookin‘.  It’s purely coincidental, but this is the fourth band (obviously) in this post representing yet another country.  Kitsune Art is out of Spain and about to release their debut album “sometime in 2013” so if you like it, you will have to look for it.  Their first single, which you can see below, is called Fading Away.


Looks like our travels conclude in Spain.  This is another Spanish act with a different take on metal.  I guess it’s technically rock.  Unlike their counterparts above, these guys are straight out of 1984.  Straight to your Heart is off their May 2013 release of White, their sophomore effort. Check it out!


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