Video of the Week – Poisoning the Steps of Babel

I came across this video as it was sent to us recently.  The ability to share is such a wonderful thing.  I never heard of Dawn of Ashes, but when I watched the video I figured what a nicely disturbing video to feature for our Video of the Week.  It takes place in a church, has lots of blood, and hot nuns on fire.  There is also one chick using a crucifix as a sex toy.  You will have to pay attention for that one because it’s pretty quick.  Now, when the other hot chick comes in to light the place up…you know, with people it it, you will notice the church doors open inward.  Obviously, this is not up to fire code as the doors should open outward for assembly occupancies.  I guess it depends on what country you are in.  Keep that in mind if you go places, take notice if the doors open inward.  In a frenzied panic people make the mad rush to the door and they won’t be able to open it because of the pressure of the mad rush of bodies.  Look up the Cocoanut Grove Fire in Boston here, specifically the part about inward-swinging doors next to revolving doors.  It explains about the doors and how 492 people burnt up.  Back to the video…hot chick with the gas can uses that to her advantage when she torches the place.  Gotta love shock rock.  They always have a unique was of telling their story often religion as their backdrop.   Have a great weekend!


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  1. Thanks for the fire safety info! Makes sense. One thing I’ve never gotten used to in Europe is the majority of buildings the doors open inwards unlike the fire code contious America. If I had a nickel for each time I pulled instead of pushed, I’d have a lot of nickels, and a lot less embarrassing moments.
    The video is pretty neat, though the faux goth scthick has been wearing thing on me. It doesn’t seem evil to me anymore, guess I’m getting desensitized.

    • That’s true, it is hard to get shocked anymore isn’t it? I noticed the door situation in Europe as well…also the locking of one double door was popular and is also illegal in the States during business hours. Always know where a second exit is 😉

  2. In Germany there always are a mandatory number of signalized emergency exits that only have doorknobs on the inside and can only be opened in the outward direction.I’m in the volunteer fire departement so I need to know;-)

    • Yeah I never payed attention to that stuff until I became a firefighter. Now I am always looking for additional exits especially in movie theaters and shopping centers.

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