Mini Reviews: Exence, Dichotomy, Watercolor Butterfly, Crimson Blue

It seems like summer is a good time to release metal albums; it’s been busy to say the least.  The flood of metal seems to be nonstop at the moment.   In order to keep up with the demand and provide as much metal exposure to you, our faithful readers, we find it best to do mini reviews when we get the chance – short and to the point; no bullshit reviews.  This time around I have a couple of death metal bands, an uncomplicated metal band, and a progressive band for you to check out.  I think this is a pretty solid bunch of albums definitely worthy of your time especially if you like the aforementioned metal subgenres and you feel like throwing something across the room.  But, don’t let those labels steer your decision, there are exceptions to every genre.  Let’s start this ride!

Exence – Tabula Rasa

ExenceCoverGrowl at me more!  I like it.  For this Italian band to list Pantera, Nevermore, and Death as their influences, they sure took the melodic and technical parts of those bands and produced something much more insidious.   I have been spinning this one quite a bit mainly because I like Death metal and also because I like how Exence does it.  They have melody and groove and also have beautifully ferocious controlled chaos.  There isn’t anything pretty about Tabula Rasa except for some Chuck Schuldiner inspired guitar solos.  The 10 songs on the album encompass around 51 minutes of music which nothing to shake a stick at for death metal.  It’s brutal to say the least.  Some of the standout songs are Synthetic Memory, The Nuclear Reset, Chitterling for Vultures, and the album’s title song Tabula Rasa.  The album’s release date was 27 May 2013 on Punishment 18 Records.

Dichotomy – Paradigms

Dichotomy Album CoverDichotomy is a very straightforward death metal band.  I do hear some very subtle progressive elements in the guitar work, but I won’t go so far as to add additional labeling and deter from what they really are…a wicked death metal band at their core.  The album concludes at about 33 minutes which is short, but when it’s over you will feel tired and bruised.  The 8 songs are nothing short of brutal and packed with blast beats, unintelligible death growls, and cool circle pit inducing tempos.  Can’t forget about melody and Dichotomy surely didn’t leave that out.  I like the fact that they break up the viciousness with melodic solos and riffing.  The band hails from Dublin, Ireland and their album Paradigms was self-released in on 14 August 2013.

And this one is so you can hear the vocals.

Watercolor Butterfly – The God Particle

coverWCBFgp500x500Now, we are going to switch gears and go full progressive on you.  Watercolor Butterfly comes out of Mexico and released their first album, The God Particle.  They fuse together many elements across the spectrum of progressive metal.  Embedded in their concoction are essentials of Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Rush, and Opeth to name a few.  The vocals are both harsh and clean.   I prefer the clean singing on this album overall, but the harsh growls do not discourage from the overall experience.  They also included lengthy musical pieces which are one of the things I like most about some prog metal bands…the ability to just jam coherently and create art with instruments.  Watercolor Butterfly pulls off odd time signatures quite well; the transitions are seamless.  The extreme progressive style rooted in songs like The Cathedral and melodic exquisiteness of Between Asleep and Awake Pt I make for a well-rounded album of extremes.

Crimson Blue – Innocence

imagesThough this album was released back in 2011, it is new to me.  This is my first introduction to the band and possibly yours too.  This is the band I called uncomplicated in my introduction.  They are about as straightforward as a metal band can be.  I like the clean female vocals.  They carry a nice harmony and occasionally demonstrate a much heavier tempo.  They hail from Moscow and their album was released on Molot records.


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