Tales From Bandcamp: World of Evil by Sinister Realm

a1386280595_10It feels like in today’s metal scene newer bands are just trying to become heavier and heavier.  Sure tempos are breakneck, guitar and bass tones are heavy enough to shatter at least the Earth’s crust, and the extremeness of the pioneering extreme metal bands seems like a 90lb wimp in comparison to some of the bands kicking it today.  Even in genres not about heaviness like power metal, there seems to be contest between many bands where the winner is the one who can jack off the most notes and melodies out of their guitar or which vocalist can be the most ‘dynamic’.

While I know all that isn’t true, that’s the impression I’ve been getting, and feel at times that many of the sounds pioneered during the advent of metal, especially during the ’70s and ’80s has been forgotten about.  Sure there are bands that pay homage to the style and revel in cheap ‘revivalism’, but it is really far between when you get a chunk of music that looks to take what was pioneered and really expand and push it to a modern setting while still remembering what made the pioneering sound so engaging and enjoyable in the first place.

One of those few and far between bands really doing heavy metal justice today is Sinister Realm.  Their base sound is noticeably influenced by the many works of Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi, especially the times the two artists were in Black Sabbath together, yet with modern technology and small bits from other genres like doom and thrash they have really done a delightful job of bringing traditional heavy metal up to modern standards.  Their last album The Crystal Eye is a record I absolutely loved and near immediately upon listening, I knew there was something special about the band.  However I was curious as if Sinister Realm would just stick with the established sound of that album, or step up to the plate and push the modern traditional heavy metal envelope further.

Lucky for us, Sinister Realm took a shot at the more difficult choice and pushed those boundaries.  Their new album, World of Evil, is nothing less than spectacular.  Now, I know I’m going to sound a bit like a hypocrite here, but the new record is a heavier affair than their previous.  But unlike the current concept of heavy, they don’t look to downtune their guitars and sing in a more gruff voice, they just wrote songs with that same love that captures heavy darkness of songs like “Black Sabbath”, the heavy charm of tunes like “You Got Another Thing Comin'”, and the heavy catchiness of stuff like “Holy Diver”.  There are even some really cool progressive tendencies that call to mind Iron Maiden.

But, yeah, seriously, just don’t read all of my drivel here.  All you should know is that World of Evil is fucking awesome and delights me from front to back.  And the track “Four Black Witches”, hot damn!  That is easily going to be one of the best songs I will hear all year.  So, yeah, just click the play button on the player below and be prepared to rock the fuck out.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!


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