Mini Review: Stone Magnum, These Hearts, Promise to Take, In Silent, GraVil

My goal with mini reviews this time around is to be as diverse as possible.  Yes, everything falls under the umbrella of metal, but I think this set covers a wide spectrum of all that which is glorious.  I have another set of four five bands that are surely to appeal to your senses in one way or another.  You will have to read and listen to find out…or just listen if you are pressed for time.

Stone Magnum – From Time…To Eternity

PromoImageIf I were to conjure a demon and sick them on the atrocities that plague mankind, I would probably have Stone Magnum playing in the background.  It’s not that they have anything to do with Satan (maybe they do), but the doom emanating from their 7-song album has the right feel for such a thing.  According to the band’s facebook page, “Stone Magnum explores the dark forces controlling man’s submissive existence.”  The songs definitely fit the bill…7 songs over 50 minutes and very doom-laden indeed.  Doom Metal is a tough sell for me, but Stone Magnum has opened that doo r a bit wider.  In addition to their product of doom, they do have sludge embedded in their music.  The vocalist reminds me of an edgier Warrel Dane.  Every now and then he hits a tone that reminds me of the former Nevermore vocalist.  Overall, it’s quite an enjoyable album and as I said before the dark door of doom is a bit more open in my world.  Their new album was released on June 28, 2013 on R.I.P Records.

These Hearts – Yours To Make

VR685Shifting genres a bit, These Hearts are what I call young man’s metal.  Not to be offensive, it’s a generation shift in metal.  They combine some very brutal djenty elements with much harmonized choruses.  The music itself shifts gears from one extreme to another (brutal to pretty)….seems to be popular with many newer age bands.  Some similar artists are Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, and Blink 182…if that gives you an idea of where they are coming from.  Yours to Make has 11 songs barely covering 33 minutes.  They are short and catchy songs with brutal injections here and there.   The album is set for release on July 9, 2013 from Victory Records.

Promise To Take – Ascent

Cover AscentThis is a four-song EP covering about 16 minutes.  This is a more standard metal band.  The vocals are gritty to growly and the music retains a djenty, progressive, death metal cadence.  The chorus parts to have clean singing which reminds me a bit of the clean parts of Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory.  Cold Blooded Poetry has a nice melodic solo that closes out the song. Overall, it’s a strong selection of songs on this EP.  I look forward to hearing a full-length album from the Russian trio.

In Silent – Potepienie

in_silent_coverNow it’s time to focus solely on Death Metal here.  Blast beats – check!  And that’s all you really need to know.  The album is 23 minutes long/7 songs and brutal from head to toe. I do like the bone crunching feel.  It doesn’t necessarily get drowned out in repetitive rhythm.  They do break things up a bit with tight riffing and Thrashy elements providing a much needed injection of melody.  Some of their influences are Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Vader…to give you an idea of where this Polish quartet is coming from.  There is no compromise on this album.

GraVil – Thoughts of a Rising Sun

3Impressive, let’s start with that.  GraVil is influenced by At The Gates, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Machine Head, Chimaira, and early Metallica.  Funny, they threw in the “early” for Metallica…most of us do.  The London-based band is more of a straightforward Thrash metal band with some clean choruses and heavy outbursts of pure rage.  I dig it; they carry a nice headbanging rhythm.   Their 11 songs cover about 42 minutes which rocks from start to finish.  Thoughts of a Rising Sun was released 1 May 13 – self-released.


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  1. I love Promise to Take’s album cover, that’s something I could put on my wall. Their guitars are really nice too, the vocals sound a tiny bit uninspired and not very strong, but I’ll be checking out a full length from them if I get the chance.

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