Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #20-16

brutal-legend_00366796#20 Brütal Legend

A country in distress needs a saviour. That’s nothing new when it comes to game concepts. But this part of the world needs more than a savior, it needs a fixer. In the country of Rock and Metal you need… A roadie. The “He can build every stage, he can tune any guitar and fix anything” – kind of roadie. I love the freedom you have in Brütal Legend. To just be able to go wherever you want, hack and slash enemies, do anything or nothing at all, while fixing an in-game playlist and blasting some really good metal through the speakers of your car stereo, is awesome. Beer grows on trees and bass strings is made from spider webs. Ozzy Osbourne is The Guardian of Metal and Lemmy is some kind of shaman. The many references to the metal world is extremely entertaining and it includes original songs from Enslaved, In Flames, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, Dragonforce and many more. The only bad thing about this game is that it’s way too short.


256px-Dragon_Age_Origins_cover#19 Dragon Age: Origins

I must say I love the design and artwork in this game. It has the textures, lighting and shadows that remind me of  hand painted pictures. It’s such a pleasure to look at!  Even though Dragon Age is a traditional rpg with all the elements you expect a role playing game to have, this one has added the dimension of relations and friends inside your party. Maybe I want to play the nicest role in the world, but here I have to consider how my party mates are going to feel about that. The witch Morrigan will quickly get tired of you if you’re too polite and friendly, which will lead to her leaving your party, for example. You don’t really want that, she’s a great help in battle. This makes me motivated to choose actions that my comrades will approve of, instead of what will benefit me the most. All the details and stories behind every character are carefully thought out and very enjoyable. All the blood splatter in and after battles is just a tiny, tiny bit exaggerated though. Blood everywhere…


Dead_Space_2_Box_Art#18 Dead Space 2

This game has a very well written story, fantastic sound effects, wonderful graphics and lots of emotions. It’s a game that really affects you and plays with your feelings in all kinds of ways. You’re always on your toes, desperately looking out for yourself, always feeling insecure and vulnerable. Strangely enough it also gives you energy and motivation to keep playing… Dead Space 2 is a game that is all about atmosphere. And there’s always a tiny bit of hope that you will survive, to cling on to.


47299_Saboteur-Wallpaper-01#17 The Saboteur

I love games where you can be and have to be sneaky. I like being the one in the background that no one knows about, a character that excels at performing surprise attacks. In The Saboteur you play as Sean Devlin; an Irish man in exile that arrives in Paris and joins the French resistance to clean the world from Nazis. In the game I can move around freely and choose what to do next, something I really appreciate when it comes to game play. It’s set in the 1940’s and you get to spend lots of time in Paris, the French countryside and small villages. The world feels very much alive and detailed; there are so many things to do and many ways to sabotage Nazi activity. You can choose to be quiet and deadly by sniping, setting buildings on fire, sneak up from behind or go undercover. Or you can be loud and deadly with things like machine guns, grenades and rockets.  “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”, as Sean Devlin says. Once your manage to sabotage one of the grayed-out Nazi areas it lights up again, the grass becomes green and the sky turns to blue and France goes back to being a beautiful place.  You’re saving the world, what a nice rewarding feeling that is.


devil_may_cry_4_yugioh_playmat_try_1_by_shadowpredator100-d51dcfc#16 Devil May Cry 4

I’ll have to admit that Devil May Cry is a game series I started playing purely because of its looks. The fantastic, gothic, supernatural environments, the good looking protagonists (mmm, sexy) and the freaky looking monsters. Okay, maybe a little bit for the fast paced, exaggerated action too; it’s an extremely cool feeling to be able to smash monsters with a huge broadsword, execute complicated combos, throw them up in the air and shoot them with two enormous guns while they fall to the ground dead. Brutal! Deadly! Smokin’ Sick Style!

This game also has the funniest and best, although at times really difficult, boss fights in existence. It really provides a nice challenge and if you only get those mile long combinations of buttons right… it’s the perfect action game.


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  1. It isn’t too often I get stuck on a game and give up, but that’s what happened with Dead Space 2. After thinking about it, I think the game auto saved at an unfortunate spot and I could not go back without starting the entire game over. It was frustrating and I just gave it. That game does have a great concept and I would love to see that become a movie. I had a lot of fun with the first one. I never played the others, but they seem pretty cool. That one clip of Brutal Legend looks like Rob Halford…good rendition. That game looks fun.

  2. Some great stuff in there. I’ve been meaning to play The Saboteur, but like many games it gets lost in the mix of things. I may have to throttle that up to the top of the must play list. Really good stealth games are hard to come by.

    I loved Dead Space 2. That intro part is easily one of the best intro sequences to any game ever, and the part with the eye, holy fuckballs! I really enjoyed the first one a lot and didn’t think I would like the second because it was more action packed, but the way all the action played out was wonderful. Even though you had an arsenal big enough to equip a small army, you still felt out numbered and had to use wits over brawn, I liked that. Unfortunately, part 3 really didn’t do it for me. It was good, but pales in comparison to part 2.

    Dragon Age was such a nice RPG surprise. It just kinda came out of the blue and rocked my world. I was also not expecting the challenge it gave me either. After many years of ‘handholding’ games, this one just kicked me out of the plane and into the water. I also like that it pushed some huge social bounderies in gaming by allowing you to make a gay character and have him engage in gay relationships. Too bad Dragon Age 2 was a watered down pile of excrement.

    And Devil May Cry, man do I love those games.Did you check out the reboot DMC game that recently came out. It;s not half bad, but the Capcom ones were much better IMO. DMC will also make my list, but 4 isn’t there 😉 There was one more that just pwned my gaming life 🙂

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