America! F**k Yeah!!!!!

fyeahamerica-montageSo today is the 4th of July.  The day the whole world celebrate just how awesome the U.S.A. is and the citizens of the States celebrate their superiority in the world by getting rip-roaring drunk, eating their own weight in meat, buying explosives from other countries (mainly China), and blowing shit up.  It’s damn good time for all.  How do you celebrate the 4th of July in your country?

But in all seriousness the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the most loved holidays in the United States.  Families and friends get together and party hard in celebration of the day the States gained their independence from the British and marks the start to what is easily one of the most controversial countries in the world.  One thing I love about America is the deep and diverse culture we Americans have.  Having so many immigrants from so many different parts of the world has led to this mish mash of random mannerisms from other countries that lends its self to letting an American have a taste of the rest of the world without having to leave the country’s borders (which is a double-edged sword).  But the thing I love most about the States is the music.  Always a trendsetter in the aural entertainment market some of the most loved aspects of music originated in the States, like you know, the blues, which is the base of rock and roll and by proxy heavy metal.

Today I’m just going to brain fart out some songs and bands that make me think of the stars and strips, amber waves of grain, and sea to shining sea as well as other things love about the U.S.A.   Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Fuck Yeah!!!!

wNWC1When I think of American bands, Clutch are always the first band to come to mind.  Maybe because their unique sound is heavily influenced by the Appalachian style of blues and folk music and Gospel music.  Every time I pop on a Clutch record memories of the many times I’ve soaked in the nature along the Appalachian Trail pour into my mind as well as a driving urge to want to drive a souped up Camaro and drink more than my fill of tasty American micro-brew beers (separately of course 😉 ).

Scissorfight also has the same effect on me as Clutch does.  Good ol’ hard rock and roll, with some banjo.

But really, Clutch is super American and all, but if there’s one band I’d name that really captures all the trappings of the United States in the form of heavy metal, well, the blue ribbon would be quickly placed on Pantera.  Really, cowboys, Jack Daniels, partying, piss and vinegar, rebellion, cowboys, and simply being a band that is larger than life.  Really, crank your speakers up to 12 (Americans always need to do it one higher than the Brits 😉 ) and don’t tell me that this song doesn’t make you want to down copious amounts of whisky and blow shit up.  Ahhh, ‘Murica.

And as I said above, American culture is made up of a mix of many other cultures.  And when those other cultures start to become widely accepted we like to put a small twist to them and just call them our own.  Like tacos, hamburgers, or Iced Earth.  This one goes out to our past oppressors 😉  Yaaaaaa bitch!  We stole your new wave of British heavy metal.  What ya gonna do ’bout it?

And Americans are very competitive.  Really, it’s a serious fault of ours.  But I’ll be damned if I didn’t say it hasn’t led to the U.S. having the most entertaining and widely varied sports it has as well as some rivalries that lead to hilarious outcomes for both sides.  One of the biggest rivalries is in the comedy sector between the U.S.of A. and the tea-loving Brits.  Since the dawn of time we have been going back and forth trying to one up each other on who has the best and lowest quality of dick and fart jokes and low-brow humor.  For years it has been neck and neck, but with bands like The Bloodhound Gang out there, us Americans know how to give them Brits a run for their money.

As far as being trendsetters, America has unleashed a lot of pain upon the world.  I’d like to personally apologize for the rise of boy bands, corporate pop/rock, and Michael Bay movies.  But if there is one thing that I think the world should be thankful of America for, it’s the start of the Thrash Metal movement, in particular the Bay Area Thrash.  Metallica, Slayer, Angel Witch, Machine Head, just to name a few.  If it weren’t for that explosion of thrash metal during the early 80’s I think we’d all be listening to hair metal or Yanni today.

To represent the Thrash Metal movement, I feel I need to highlight Dave Mustaine and his band Megadeth.  I’m sure if you’re reading this you already know about his roots with Metallica and all, and love him or hate him, he pretty much is one of the, if not the, founding father of Thrash.  He is also very politically critical (even if he has really stuck that foot of his a bit too deep into his mouth lately), much like Americans are.  We love to criticize and bash our politicians (but in retrospective, what country doesn’t?), and one thing that made Megadeth really stand out from the crowd during their early years is how they incorporated political topics into their music yet also made it to the mainstream for a wide audience to hear.

And really, one can not talk about politics in music without mentioning Rage Against the Machine and their timeless adage “Fuck You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me!!!!”  Spoken like a true American.

But back to being trendsetters, how happy do you think that the rest of the world is that Hair Metal never really left the States much.  If it did, that ozone layer would be so much more fucked than it already is.  Though I don’t think anyone would notice over the sound of partying, having a good time, and the inch thick layer of hairspray and lipstick clogging the earholes.

And really, U.S.A. wouldn’t be what it is today with out the love of the rest of the world. We are always delighted when a foreign band sings of our lovely country even if we can’t understand the lyrics.

But in all honesty, I love the United States.  Warts and all.  Far from perfect and often the biggest assholes on the planet; I am happy to have grown up in such a cool country.  If you forget the whole war thing and that our politicians are fucking morons, if any foreigner comes to visit you will discover some of the most beautiful nature you will find on Earth and meet some of the most friendly and welcoming people you will ever meet.  So Americans, this post is for you.  I will be celebrating with you all in spirit today as I get myself a nice greasy burger and suck down a nice cold beer.  America!! Fuck Yeah!!!!   Peace Love and Metal!!!



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  1. Yeah, we have our issues, but it’s a nice country. Though, if I had a choice I would probably run off to Australia and never come back.

    Today, my kids will see fireworks for the first time that they can remember. When were stationed in England, we (the military) sponsored a huge festival type thing. We even had the American Idol tour perform during our last year there. The cool thing is that the British celebrated our independence from them with us. It just goes to show, some countries can actually “move on” and work together. Anyway, because it was in England they didn’t set off the fireworks until nearly 11pm…all that daylight. My kids were younger and couldn’t hang and stay up late enough. So, we never went to the fireworks part. This year, we live in humble Wyoming and they will get to see the splendor of Chinese explosives. I hope they dig it.

    Nice selection of Americana metal videos. Seems we do, in fact, all live in Amerika 😉

  2. These are some very balanced comments and song picks. The songs are a good reflection of the many facets of the US-culture. This is one of the main attraction of the states for me. This enormous variety on really every level. If I will ever have the time and money I would like to travel from the east to the west coast. Preferably with some good friends in a 70s muscle car through the desert while listening to a band that always reminds me of the USA (for the described scenario;-)). Kyuss!

    Being a kid in the 90s, College movies like American Pie, Pop Punk like Blink 182 & Green Day are things I think of as well as 80s and early 90s action movies. With growing up and being interested in politics and history I also always have to think of religious fanatics, racists, rightwing crackpots, unquestioned patriotism and horrible, senseless wars (I just read some books about the Vietnam war, which was at some points really hurtful to my image of humanity in general).

    But for music and film it’s on of THE centres and I have no reason to doubt that Americans are friendly and welcoming people. So a belated Happy Holiday to you! And to quote my favorite “typical” 😉 US-citizen with suspicious yellow skin: U S A ! U S A ! U S A ! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s usually the right-wing crackpots that make the news an often. From abroad, that’s what people see. Overall, we are a pretty friendly country. It just depends on what part you are visiting. Just about anyone is friendly, but beware who you engage in religious or political discussions with. It can be a touchy subject. I can’t imagine you would visit here for that purpose though, so you should be ok. I drove across this country many time and enjoy the open road. It is on these drives you realize how much dead space there really is in this country, especially in the mountain time zone.

      • That “dead space” would also be something I would enjoy. In Germany there’s almost no place were you don’t look at town, village or any other kind of inhabited place. And in the USA there is such a wide range of great nature. It would propably take a year or so to just see some of the remarkable spots.
        And sure always those “who scream the loudest” are those who will be recognized. Here are also many things going wrong, but there better hidden from the public eye;-). For example, after WWII the makers of our constituion determine that the military should only be used to defend our country. An article that has been strangly construed in the last years….
        What always impresses me in news about the USA is the overall willingness to help when for example a disaster like a hurricane happens. If all would focus on the people and not the nations and the nations interests the world would be surely a better place. And I honestly have to say that I find patriotism to be a problematic thing.
        But sure we are here to talk and enjoy music, not to spoil our mood with politics 😀

  3. I have been to Germany several times, but only around some of the American military bases (Ramstein and Spangdahlem). I have also been to Trier, Heidelberg, and Kaiserslautern…sorry if I misspelled them. I always thought the German countryside was beautiful when industrial plants were not in the picture. Now, I live in Wyoming, a fairly large state which happens to be the least populated state in America. There are more people in Washington D.C. than here. When I leave Cheyenne to go north it feels very isolated. When we drive up to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore, it was quite desolate, but pretty at the same time…very rugged.

    Americans are funny. We bicker like brother and sister, but when the shit hits the fan, we tend to band together and help out. It’s like you having a kid sister you pick on, but when someone else picks on her, you jump in and defend her. I think most people in my homeland are friendly toward foreigners. Those that are not are typically the ones who spend their entire lives in one city or small town and have no outside exposure.

    Your constitution was a result of the war to end all wars part II. Japan is the same way, they can only have a defense force. I am sure things will change at some point. That’s one reason both Japan and Germany have done so well in other areas (technology and industry)…you do not have to finance a very big military.,.just enough to defend yourself. Ironically, this is a potential downfall for America as we spend trillions on military operations outside out country. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    At the end of the day, both our countries produce great metal! And if you do come to America some time, I hope you can see yourself some good concerts.

  4. Good post! I’m often in two minds about patriotism – too often hijacked for the nefarious purposes of the right-wingers, not only in the US but here and everywhere – but it’s never a bad thing to celebrate the achievements of one’s compadres and what better medium than that of rock’n’roll? America’s produced many fine musical acts, and like you say, where would modern music be without the blues?

    I grew up on thrash metal but when I think of American music it’s pretty much always hip-hop and blues that spring immediately to mind. Yeah, yeah, hip-hop is pretty much bling-bling, chest beating, sexist shallow crap these days but when the likes of Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys were on the rise it was genuinely fresh and exciting and took pop music somewhere new. And of course that fed into stuff like Rage, Faith No More and the whole Nu Metal thing, which, however patchy did generate a few good tunes.

    Oh, and lets not forget the psychedelic rock pioneered by the likes of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane and which The Flaming Lips and Secret Machines still do so well…

    So without further ado I’m gonna throw in a few bits of American rock/pop which have floated my boat over the course of my listening career, just for fun…

    Spot the cheeky Slayer sample

    (with a bit of help from Fear Factory!)

    (very Pixies, speaking of which…)

    and lastly, my fave bit of Megadeth, mostly cos Mr Mustaine doesn’t sing on it…

    Peace love and Metal to the good citizens of the US 🙂

    • It’s a shame hip-hop went down the drain in modern times. I also enjoyed the genre when it was budding, especially previously mentioned Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Also as a guilty pleasure, Wu Tang Clan is a damn good time (and though they aren’t from America, I can’t help but do nothing but get sucked in by Die Antwoord). Have you heard of the British hip hop acts Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer or Professor Elemental. I think they are the best thing to happen to hip hop since it’s inception.

      And great song selections. I particularly enjoy the first 3 you posted. One can not speak highly enough of Fair to Midland 🙂

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