Album Review: S/T by Goatess

Goatess album coverDoom metal is a genre I find I tremendously enjoyable, yet am extremely picky with.  I love the big thick riffs and sludgy grooves yet often times many bands just bore me to tears with meanderings into drab riffs with each note sustained for what seems like a millennium or cliché and boring lyrics about death, dying, funerals, etc.  Unfortunately as much as I dig the genre, there are many more bands that just don’t do it for me than those that do.  Same with dooms very close relative Stoner metal, which I am also pretty picky with, just a little bit less.  On the plus side, when I do stumble across a doom metal band that does catch my ear, they more often than not really grab me and engage me like no other.  When a band called Goatess landed in the Metal State inbox and mentioned it featured ex-St. Vitus, a band I really don’t care much for at all, vocalist Chritus Linderson I was rather wary and was just hitting play mainly because the band had a neat looking logo and I always give everything a shot, if only for a minute or two.  What ended up happening was that within mere minutes I was completely in love with the record.

It was like someone took the fuzzy instrument tones and  hazy, psychedelic stuff that I love in my stoner metal and blended it together with the groove and riff-laden aspects of bluesy doom metal and then tossed on an extra layer of dirt and heaviness.  And while the majority of the songs on the debut record of Goatess hover in the slow to mid tempo range not for one second was there empty space left untouched that didn’t have me totally engaged in each track.  Songs like “Alpha Omega” make great use of having multiple layers where once a riff has run its course yet still needs to keep going a nice long bluesy lead solo manifests itself and various trippy effects always work to keep the vocals from becoming stale.  And on the tune “Ripe” tempo changes work wonderfully to keep classic doom riffs full of energy with great contrast highlighting the most engaging parts of each other.  Having stellar blues rock solos fluttering in background also help and work with each sections cause and really explore all the aspects of riffing that could have the potential to fall flat if not fully explored or performed at the highest of quality.

Goatess.2.web copyThere’s also a wonderful upbeat track on the album called “Full Moon at Noon” that kicks with some sick grooves but really impresses as the 8 minute long track goes from a raucous blue rock explosion to full on Kyuss/Spine of God era-Monster Magnet inspired psychedelia-fest, and how well it combines the different tempos, tones, and styles is more than commendable.  And oh, man, the 2 song suite of “The Oracle Pt. I & II”.  If you fancy yourself a fan of LSD fueled soundscapes these tunes will have you headbanging your way over to the tent where they hand out tasty oranges and colors taste like sounds.  Simply wonderful psychedelic rock made even better with doom metal tendencies.

I really couldn’t find any faults on this album, though I could see that maybe those who generally aren’t into either doom metal or stoner/psychedelic rock being rather bored with the record.  But if you have even a passing interest in either of the genres, this is a must have album.  The riffs are fat and dirty, the guitar tone is bowel shaking, and the grooves will get them hips gyrating as locks of hair mesmerize onlooking stoners lost in its fluid gyrations.  The album is out on July 5th, 2013 through Svart Records, go buy that shit.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


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  1. The vocals are a bit strange but the rest of the song sounds classy. Also “ditto” to what you said at the beginning, it’s the same with me. The cover reminds of the Born Again record which is in so far strange, that there is not really a musical connection. On the other hand could there be a Doom Band overlooking a connection to Sabbath…?

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