Exploring New Things: Sockweb – Brutal, adorable grindcore


The band Sockweb is totally irresistible! It’s a seven year old girl that writes her own lyrics and sings with her dad in a grindcore band.  The best thing is they manage to create serious, good, brutal songs while staying cute and adorable!

Adam and his daughter Joanie are both really good growlers and they’ve made a couple of fantastic songs with lyrics about things like werewolves, pancakes and mean bullies. They’re signed to Monolithic Records and yesterday they announced their Indiegogo campain, to help fund the manufacturing of the merchandise and release of their album ‘Werewolf’ on the 6th of August. Listen to their songs at the bottom of this page!

The band says:


“We’re not going wild with perks, but we’ve got some pretty unique stuff that most bands wouldn’t be able to pull off…mostly because they’re not seven. We’re offering:

  • -Hand-written ‘Joanie-fied’ lyrics sheets
  • -A song written about you or a subject of your choice (pending parental approval) for the next release
  • -Limited edition Sockweb socks

If we don’t hit the goal, then we’ll have to prioritise production of the most popular items first, and then the others with records sales (particualrly for physical items that must be ordered in bulk). Also, as a side-effect, Joanie’s soul will wither and we’ll be forced to subsist on a diet of cardboard and gritz.

If we can get this amount of backing, it’ll give us the foundation, but more importantly the confidence to do more and more exciting things in the future. We’re just normal people from a normal American town, and we’re already so greatful for all the backing, but this could make a big difference to us and our future in a very real way, and hopefully that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! “

You can find all the pre-order options, t-shirt designs and make your donation to support their project here.


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  1. That’s pretty cool. She looks a bit like that girl who’s video went viral a while back singing death metal-ish music. She was like on a trampoline from Australia…oh just found it again. Yeah kinda looks like her.

  2. Ok her voice wasn’t death metal, but the music was…still a cute video though.

  3. What a sick voice for a seven year old! She actually growls better than her dad:-D They should tweak a bit on the songwriting, but already not bad. Also a cool father, doing such a thing with his daughter.

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