Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #25-21

525. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

This is a game that never gets too old and never gets boring. It’s simple, it’s good looking, it’s loads of fun. I love strategy games and when it’s combined with fantasy characters and imaginative worlds it’s very entertaining. With funny characters, four different “races”, intriguing plot and heroes that you can level up as well as gear up there are lots of things to do. The only thing that is more fun than the different worlds and campaigns in Warcraft III are the many tower defense-maps you can find on the internet. Build and destroy, build and destroy.


Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-Cover-Art24. Amnesia – The Dark Descent

Something has happened in Brennenburg castle. What it is I don’t really find out until I’ve worked up enough courage to play through this (from what I’ve heard) freaky, scary game. I find a piece of paper, which says I have to murder the baron of the castle. I have to find out why. But my character has no memory of who he is or what he’s done. He has no weapons to defend himself with and the only help available is a lamp to light up the rooms you’re about to walk through. It leaves him very vulnerable; the only choices I have are to flee or to hide. It might not sound very difficult or scary, but it is. If I wasn’t afraid of the dark  before I started to play this, I certainly am now. My character gets severely affected by being too long in the dark; his mental health declines quickly… and so does mine…


images23. Age of Mythology

”Dark times are coming and you are needed”

Of course I’ll help, you have to obey your god/goddess or who knows what horrible things they’ll put you through. Erect a shrine, worship them, build an army worthy of their name, worship some more and win the battle. That will please the gods to no end, so much they even perform miracles for you.

Even though I absolutely loved Age of Empires II, this version of the same concept is a lot more fun. It has magic and mythology! Plus you get to worship Gods (Greek, Egyptian or Norse) and that is something I don’t normally do, only in my imagination and in games.


plants-vs-zombies-2422. Plants vs Zombies

The zombies are coming for my house, for my brains.. I have no weapons to defend myself… oh wait, yes I do. I have seeds and plants!  I just need to figure out what type of plant will work the best against the waves of Olympic Zombie Teams, the bobsleigh-zombies, the hippies, the bucket-heads and the hilarious dancing MJ Thriller-zombies. The thorny cactus? Exploding chili? Walnut? Evil mushrooms? Kernels with butter or Cabbage-heads? It’s childishly exciting, it makes me laugh. It brings out the tower defense-nerd in me and I’ve played this until I’ve fallen asleep on my desk. There is so much to do, so many different maps, modes and challenges. If it becomes too much and I start seeing pea-shooters in my dreams, I can always enter my Zen Garden to care for my flowers and earn some money while I think up another brilliant, zombie-extinguishing plan. Such a simple, small little game with a very high entertaining value.


2757-sacrifice-008-hgrxl#21 Sacrifice

Let’s go back to worshipping gods. Like always with gods, they are very demanding and you have to go through great lengths to please them. Here you get to play the wizard and by choosing your “religion” you get that religion’s powers. The choice isn’t easy.

Charnel – the god of death, he’s very evil and wears a bath-robe woven from the wings of the earth’s most sinister demons. He will skin his enemies alive. Persephone – the goddess of paradise who is striving for total perfection. She’s very intelligent and dangerous. Stratos is the god of air and wind; he’s unstable, possibly has a severe mental disorder and weird fetishes. The last one is Pyro, the master of fire. This god is a chain smoker, uses a lot of make up and likes to dress upp in women’s clothing. And then we have James – the god of fertility and soil and is a weird mix between a human and an earthworm… This game is action mixed with real time strategy, humor and role playing. It’s a quite difficult, at times extremely difficult, but a well balanced game that require some creativity and skills. You won’t get away with the traditional real time strategy-mindset here and that might be why this game has lasted for so long for me.


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  1. That is a great batch of games! Man did I play the hell out of Warcraft III, I loved the Frozen Throne expansion, if only for the neutral hero, the drunken panda!!! I never got to huge into the custom games, but I was an adict to the ladder matches. I’m really hoping Blizzard makes a RTS Warcraft again, I love Starcraft and all, but the hero system and upkeep really made battles nice and tactical instead of who can amass the biggest army first.

    Amnesia was excellent too. Scariest game I’ve ever played. I don’t think anygame has come close in terms of atmosphere to that yet. I really liked the Justine expansion to it too. It was kind of like that movie Saw. There are also some really great mods for Amnesia, White Night is highly suggested.

    Age of Mythology was amazing too! I really want to go back and play it again now!

    And PvZ, the countless hours I’ve spent perfecting my zen garden and killing zombies. I am really looking forward to part 2. Can’t wait to see what that game looks like in HD and widescreen!!!

    Sacrifice I never played but it looks like a lot of fun! I may have to look into that one. There’s always room in my collection for RTS games!

  2. I haven’t played those strategy games, but out of our list I have spend countless hours playing Plants Vs, Zombies. I think there is a movie coming out; not sure how that’s going to work. Unfortunately, my zen garden is full and I am on my third time around on the standard levels. I hope they come out with another one later on down the road.

    Those other games you posted look fun. The only strategy games I ever really dealt with are Command and Conquer and Age of Empires.

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