Tales From Bandcamp: CVI:A by Royal Thunder

a2509023863_10Thanks to one of our faithful readers I was turned onto this rocking band named Royal Thunder and have been spinning them very regularly since I got my hands on their debut record CVI.  It’s great, you should listen to it if you haven’t yet (player included below).  A totally engrossing slab of hard rock, stoner grooves, and at times trippy progressive and shoegaze tendencies.  I had posted before that they had acoustic tracks floating around, but the acquisition method of running to various sites and news stands to hunt them down was a tad tedious.  Luckily the 3 acoustic songs have just been released on Bandcamp and they are all excellent.  Best part, they’re free!  So check them out, what do you have to lose.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Royal Thunder are currently touring with Baroness in the USA during the summer and Europe in the autumn.  Check dates here.


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  1. Whispering world was the first song I’ve heard of Royal Thunder and is still one of my favorites. But I think the acoustic version of “Parsonz curse” works out the best way.
    28.09. Baroness & Royal Thunder in Cologne and I will be there. Can’t wait for the day:-)

    I listened to the new Blood Ceremony you recommended lately. Also I always wanted to like “Living with the ancient” I never really got into their music. But after reading your review and hearing some other praise, I decided to buy it at the next occassion. “The Eldritch Dark” has whatever I missed on the record before, maybe because its just a bit more of everything.

    PS: You may like this 😉

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