Song Of The Week: Orphaned Land – Brother

Orphaned Land from Israel just released their new album “All Is One” yesterday and “Brother” is the first single from it. As always, their music comes with an important message of peace and understanding that applies to everyone, even though they speak it mainly for the part of the world they live in. This is what the singer Kobi Farhi has to say about the song:

“Brother is a love song for a forgotten beloved brother who turned into a blood enemy. And before people go and start off with politic comments, this has nothing to do with politics, or being left or right wing, Jew, Muslim or anything else. We are not taking any sides as musicians, we just tell a story, and we decided to be the first grown-up brother in this story and ask: ‘Forgive me, brother’. Mainly because being mature and grown-up sometimes means that you have to say you’re sorry, even if it’s not only your fault.

This is a song that Itshak is singing to his brother Ishmael. According to the bible, they were both the sons of Abraham from two different mothers. Today, Itshak is known as the father of the Israeli nation while Ishmael is known as the father of the Arab nation. Historically, that means of course that it’s a fact that Israelis and Arabs are brothers and we believe that the deepest source of our actual conflict still lies here, between the two brothers. 

Both sides today are so focused on being right in the conflict and fill themselves with hate. Every side is so busy with being the victim, and today it doesn’t make sense to either one of the sides that that we are historically brothers. People forgot it, forgot that our language is alike, as well as our names and history”


“Forgive me, brother. You did nothing wrong and took all the shame
I suffered myself, yet I am to blame. The lord blessed us both, but we still fight and claim”


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  1. I admire the huge effort that Kobi and Orphaned Land put into bettering the situation in the Middle East by the means they have, but you can’t convience religious people, they know they’re right…
    I know “Mabool” and liked it especially the unusual instrumentation. This song sounds good too, but quite conventional.

    • It might be true that you can’t convince some people. It must feel good for the band to have a deeper meaning with their music though, I’m sure they are role models for many music (especially metal) lovers in those countries.
      This song is nice, I gave the new album a listen too, it has lots of orchestra and slower songs. Not sure if I like it or not yet.

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