Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Videogames of All-Time #25-21

yo_videogames__by_ry_spirit-d57k3ayAfter doing several “best of” lists centered on music, it’s time to turn attention to my favorite videogames.  Coming up with a best 25 was hard to do since I have been twiddling my joystick for quite some time now…since Atari – get your minds out of the gutter!  I can bet with quite certainty that some of my favorite games are long forgotten and left off this list, but for the sake of picking 25 games I looked at the ensemble of consoles and PC games I played over the years.  I think I captured the breadth of my favorite games across a spectrum of genres.  To put them in order was another task all-together since each game provided a different experience at a different point in my life.  So, I would place less emphasis on where the game is on my list and pay more attention to the fact that it made my list at all.  Of all the games I played in my life narrowing my favorites down to 25 speaks volumes of the game’s impact on me.  Enough rambling, let’s get on with the list!

#25 – Guitar Hero III:  Legends of Rock (Xbox 360) – Simulation

guitar-hero-iii-legends-of-rock-largeAt first, I thought this concept was silly and wanted no part of it.  Then I gave it a try and had fun…key word fun.  This game took little to no thought capacity other than remembering the sequence of colors streaming down the screen and moving your fingers fast enough to keep up.  Personally, I could never do “expert” or even “hard” mode, I’m just not that coordinated.  But, to play Slayer and some of my long-time favorite metal songs turned out to be an enjoyable experience for a few years.  Too bad, it was short lived and discontinued, but the guitar had only one application…playing music.  There are many more games out there of great depth and concept, but sometimes simplicity has lasting impact.

#24 – Lego Indiana Jones (Xbox 360) – Action game was intended for my kids to play and it turned out I played it every which way possible.  My kids did too especially my youngest…played it like it was the last game on Earth and knew every single nook and cranny.  It’s a funny and charming game especially as a fan of the movie trilogy.  Yes, I left the fourth one out on purpose.  For me, this was the base for all future releases of Lego-themed games for which I didn’t appreciate any of them as much as I enjoyed good old Indy.  Again, simplicity wins here.  I promise, there are games with more depth on the way.

#23 – Thrill Kill (Playstation) – Fighter

Thrill_Kill_poster_by_edithemadThis game was never officially released, but since I played it (never owned it) in a foreign country where Copyright laws were…loose, I got to enjoy this 1998 (almost release) for what it was worth.  It was a fighter that was basically modeled after Mortal Kombat, but the best part was being able to play with four players in the same room.  It was chaotic, but more than just the ability to play with four friends was the insanity of the characters and death moves for that time.  When you have kill moves like “Swallow This” and “Bitch Slap” I’ll just leave the gory details to your dirty imaginations.  But, man it was fun.  Back then it would have surely been banned, but today maybe not so much.  This is one of the only fighter games I ever really liked.  I never got into MK or Tekken…just not into that, but Thrill Kill was just…thrilling!  What was especially thrilling were not only the moves, but being able to team up on opponents and fight to the death in a closed room. Talk about endless hours of senseless violence.

#22 – Mass Effect II (Xbox 360) – Action/Role Playing

XBOX360-MASS2-f-150x150I spied this 2010 release sitting in a bargain bin for quite some time.  At some point I figured the $20 required to make this purchase was not enough to sweat over if the game sucked.  Turns out I spent well over 40 hours scouring planets for resources and doing people favors in order to complete my objective…which was to save humanity from the Collectors – an insecticide species.  This was one of those moments when you realize how lucky of a find it is to see a game like Mass Effect II in a bin of typically crappy games.  I gobbled up every minute of this game.

#21 – Age of Empires II:  The Age of Kings (PC) – Strategy

945162985-00It was just a few years after this game was released that I got my first computer.  Naturally, I wanted to see what PC gaming was all about.  I had already played Command and Conquer and loved it (you’ll see that one later on) and Age of Empires basically followed a similar format of building your camp, harvesting, and grooming a defense force.  All of this took place during the times of swords and horses.  I had a good time with the game; realizing that building up your encampment and then defending it was not exactly an easy task.  But, through trial and error I found my rhythm and won some fierce battles.


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  1. I love the LEGO-games, all of them. It’s extra fun if you’ve seen the movies they’re based on of course. They are just pure fun, they go fast, are rewarding, there are a million little things to do and the film sequences in between usually provide a good laugh. And you can play together with someone!

    I have a serious problem finding good multiplayer games (that aren’t FPS or sports), especially for console.

    • Some cool console games with multiplayer that aren’t FPS or Sports: Awesomenauts, Saints Row the 3rd, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, Rayman: Origins, Magic: The Gathering, Trine 2, Orcs Must Die! 2 (I really loved this one, especially the multiplayer part).

  2. I’ve been interested in trying out those Lego games. Since I’m already a big fan of Indiana Jones, I guess that one will be my first.
    Mass Effect just missed my list, but a damn great game none the less, the 2nd installment being the best by far. And Thrill Kill!!!!! I remember when the whole controversy about that game was going on. That’s cool you got to play it on an actual console. I had to use a PS1 emulator to check it out years after the ‘release’. Was some good stupid fun.
    Guitar Hero is just great. I love those games, the perfect game for parties or simply sitting in your underwear pretending you’re a rockstar. Did you get the Metallica edition? Lot’s of great metal on that one, and on the core games there was surprisingly a lot of metal too. One of my favorites wasn’t even a metal edition one. The Beatles Rockband is highly suggested, if only for the really cool videos that play in the background while you’re playing.
    And Age of Empires II, talk about a blast from the past. That was a game that really got me into strategy gaming and led way to my love of RTS games. They just released an HD version for PC of it and I have yet to pick it up, but my friends that have has said that it really holds up all these years later.

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