Quicky Reviews: Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Dahlia Murder, Polkadot Cadaver, and Cathedral

wj9Eqnxmgiykb3wrtZbyez5zo1_500My brain doesn’t want to function properly today, so how about writing some super short reviews for some releases.  Annnd, GO!

One of Us is the Killer by Dillinger Escape Plan

At times the music confuses you, then makes you uncomfortable.  Then it woos you, and speaks to your soul.  It leans close and caresses you and speaks sweet nothings into your ear, then it brutally fucks you.  You walk away shaken up from the experience feeling really dirty and violated, yet really satisfied with an insatiable hunger to go back for seconds.

Best DEP album since Irony is a Dead Scene.  If you enjoy DEP, don’t wait, buy now!

Everblack by The Black Dahlia Murder

While I have been falling from grace with the more extreme metal acts, TBDM are one of those bands I just can’t fall away from.  They craft albums that are fun to listen to as well as engaging as they are extreme.  Various tempos and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (for those that can understand them) hold my attention and slick guitar solos and crushing breakdown add yet even more depth to their music.  While Everblack doesn’t reach the pinnacle that their previous offering Ritual did, it’s still a damn kick ass record and is more high quality TBDM.

The Last Spire by Cathedral

The final album by the legendary doom metal band Cathedral is now here.  How is it your ask.  Well, heavy as fuck, but personally I enjoyed Cathedral’s more experimental, prog rock inspired albums.  The Last Spire is more akin to the bands first records, but unfortunately doesn’t reach the same heights they did.  It’s not a horrible album, nor is drab and forgettable.  It’s actually a fine, quality send off and is like the band has completed a full circle (though there are some parts on the record that remind of their proggier records).  If you’re a fan of doom metal this is a worthy purchase, though you may want to look into Forest of Equilibrium and The Carnival Bizarre if you haven’t had a proper introduction to Cathedral yet, and the amazing The Guessing Game if you like a little prog mixed in with your doom.

Last Call in Jonestown by Polkadot Cadaver

For those who may not know, Polkadot Cadaver is basically a resurrection of Dog Fashion Disco.  If you don’t know Dog Fashion Disco, just stop reading now and go listen to their album Adultery now, I’ll wait.

So, yeah, their very much in the same vein as Faith No More and Mr. Bungle and they have delightfully morbid and tongue-in-cheek lyrics that will make the sadist in all of us chuckle with glee.  Last Call in Jonestown is more of the same from the Cadavers covered in Polkadots, and for as out-there as this band is, more of the same means yet another delightful album filled with variety, bloody chunks of metal, and grooves that will funk your skull.  The only thing I felt that was missing was another catchy ballad like “Chloroform Girl”, but they really haven’t hit that note in a long time, so I guess it’s not too big a loss.  Well worth checking out for both existing fans as well as those that have yet to listen to the band yet (especially if you happen to be a fan of Mike Patton’s work.  Also listen to the not metal band El Creepo, which is basically the Dog Fashion Disco guys exploring various other aspects of rock music).  Also Neil Fallon of Clutch guests on the song “Transistors of Mercy” and it is as awesome as it sounds.


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  1. I never heard something from Polkadot Cadaver or Dog Fashion Disco and it sounds that I missed out something there.
    Just from hearing “Prancer” and “Nothings funny” I say the new DEP record has to be very good. I bought “Ire works” some years ago and remember that I didn’t get into the music. But I want to give it another spin and I look if it wasn’t just the right time or else back then.
    I bought “Nocturnal” of TBDM when it came out and listened to it for several times. But despite their technical abilities and some great parts their songs really sounded somehow very alike.
    The Cathedral song isn’t something that would make me buy the record..

    • If you dig on Faith No More and Mr. Bungle I can’t recommend Polkadot Cadaver/Dog Fashion Disco enough. Really cool stuff it is.
      TBDM’s latest I feel surpasses Nocturnal as there are more varying tempos and the musicianship is still technical without feeling technical. I’d suggest jumping on youtube and giving a listen to some tracks from Everblack or Ritual.
      And if that Cathedral song didn’t grab you, ya, take a pass, that’s basically the whole album. Not bad, good classic, stereotypical doom, but not boundary breaking. A trip to youtube to check out a few songs from The Guessing Game might tickle your fancy though.

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