Mini Reviews: Beyond Description, Death Mechanism, Hateful, Twins Crew

beyonddescription-aefd-cover2013Beyond Description

An Elegy For Depletion

11 Songs – 28 Minutes

Label:  Punishment 18 Records

I was surprised at the brevity of 11 songs, but once it kicked in it felt appropriate.  Blending a pleasant mix of Hardcore and Thrash (mostly Hardcore) the Japanese quartet, Beyond Description, has…just been described.  In all seriousness, the music is fast and packs a brutal punch.  Everything about the album is short and to the point from the guitar solos down to all of their one-word song titles.  This is a no frills album where the longest track is 3:22.  On my initial listen, many of the songs blended together as if they were sub-songs of one longer song.  But, a few listens in and each track is starting to take on its own life.  Don’t expect Beyond Description to revolutionize metal, but if you are in the mood to throw something across the room, vent, or thrash about, any one of these songs will do just fine.

PromoImageDeath Mechanism

Twenty-First Century

9 Songs – 34 Minutes

Label:  Scarlet Records

The first thing that came to mind besides the vicious nature of the songs was the similarity to Kreator (vocals) and Coroner.  Needless to say, that is a similarity that intrigued me since I greatly appreciate both bands.  Ironically, after a bit of research, I saw the album was produced by Tommy Vetterli of Coroner (current) and Kreator (1996-2001).  That shouldn’t stop you from listening to the band or the sole reason for doing so.  Death Mechanism is its own beast and has put together a brutal concoction of songs for their latest release.  Though Death Mechanism is from Italy, if you are a fan of early German Thrash metal, you may want to give this a go.


Epilogue of Masquerade

12 Songs – 31 Minutes

Label: The Spew Records

This is another short album – I’m not trying to do that I swear it’s a coincidence.  Imagine what you think Hateful should sound like and you would probably assume Death metal in which case you are right on target!  Their hateful album is built around short songs, deathly growls, and blast beats mixed with a fine cadence of headbanging riffs.  A couple of the stand-out songs on the initial listens were It Once Was Light and A Despicable Harvest.  Cannibal Corpse rings a bell and if you like said Death Metal veterans you may want to give this a try.

1372064618_coverTwins Crew

The Northern Crusade

10 Songs – 45 Minutes

Label:  Scarlet Records

Switching things up a bit, Twins Crew is of the Power Metal style.  The Northern Crusade is built around a steady dose of melodic riffs, keyboards, and a hint of Battle Metal.  I hear a touch of Sabaton influence. The music is quite upbeat and generally speedy.  Overall, the song tempos change enough between songs to keep things interesting.  The opening tracks Last Crusader and Blade are quite upbeat whereas Loud and Proud sounds more like 80s grandiose bands like Saxon. It had a nice fist in the air/sing along feel to it.  Overall, an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

*note – I could not find anything from the new album.  So, here is something from their previous album, Judgement Night.



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