Video of the Week – What Doesn’t Die

I am just to wrap up the novel World War Z:  An Oral History of the Zombie War.  It is written by Max Brooks who is, interestingly, the son of Mel Brooks the well-known comedian.  Max went the other way and decided to explore the world of horror, more specifically zombies.  Now, I am not some zombie fiend, but I do like a good story about post-apocalyptic life, zombies, and end-of-world scenarios.  When I saw the movie adaptation trailer of this novel was about to be released in theaters, I thought it best to read it first.  I heard there were problems with the ending of the movie that needed to be filmed a second time. In order to not leave the theater confused, I read the book…that’s the only way to understand the true meaning of the story.

What made this book good is that the rising of the undead is believable.  Brook’s approach is interesting in that the entire novel is personal accounts of people around the world who survived the war.  They are telling their story which, as the reader, you will often find that a story told from South Africa might reference something that happened in Denver, CO or Canada.  It was very interesting how it was all put together…pretty hard to put down.  Now, it’s time to see the movie.

As for the Video of the Week it’s about zombies, of course.  This is perhaps one of the worst videos I have ever seen for a song I really like.  But, it’s Anthrax and let’s be honest, they are not known for being a part of truly great music videos.  I used to have the shirt they are wearing in the video.  People would think it was a pentagram.  I was living in West Texas at the time and I used to get strange looks even a few questions.  This is the kind of place that has a church on every corner.  Anyway, if you look closely or pause the screen it’s actually an “A” in the frame of what looks like a pentagram.  People see what they want to see.  Enjoy the Video of the Week…What Doesn’t Die which can be found on Anthrax’s album We’ve Come For You All.


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