Full Album Streams: Queensryche (sans Tate)

QR_COVER_650So, I’m about 5 songs into the new Queensryche album and I have to say, Holy Shite!!!!  If it isn’t obvious after listening to just a few songs on this record, it’s quite obvious who was holding the band back for nearly a decade.  New singer Todd LaTorre of Crimson Glory fame fits in with the band perfectly and the writing on the record reaches back to when Chris DeGarmo was the lead scribe of the band, albeit with a more modern and updated touch.  I am thoroughly impressed so far.  I really don’t have much else to say other than if you have been yearning for some quality Queensryche material, consider today your birthday.  Give it a listen and let us know what you thought!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Click Here To Go To The Album Stream!


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  1. It sounds good, but not really like the 80s Queensryche. Theres a lack of detail and catchiness and also Geoffs perfect vocals are missing. One the other hand those records are outstanding masterpieces and if you skip the comparision thing, this seems to be a good record and is surely a whole lot better than Tates solo record & Queensryche version.

    PS: I have no idea if you know this cover version, but as a Blind Guardian fan it might interest you. It’s done by the german Band Heaven Shall Burn and features a guest appearance of Hansi. I think its well made, but like most times, I would prefer the original 😉

    • No, this doesn’t compare to 80s Queensryche, but you can’t deny their modern output has been… lacking. I don’t think QR will ever reach the heights they did when DeGarmo was in the band, but this is the next best thing.

      That is a pretty cool cover. The vocals don’t really work overly well IMO, but the music end of it is awesome. Funny you mention Blind Guardian, I’ve been doing Top Ten Songs of highly prolific bands on a forum I’m on and my first one was Blind Guardian, and was planning on importing the list, with a bit more indepth insights on each song, over to Metal State next week.

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