Album Review: Soul of Steel – Journey to Infinity

BT 023 Cover

Release Date: April 30, 2013, Bakerteam Records

Tracks: 13

Length: 1 hour, 11 minutes

Genre: Melodic progressive power metal

Previous releases:  Demo ‘Reborn’ in 2007, debut album ‘Destiny’ in 2011

Recommended for fans of: Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Rhapsody in Fire, melodic prog, power metal

Description:  This is an album with lots of symphonic keyboard arrangements, bombastic drumming and catchy lead guitars. It includes four ballads and guest appearances from Labyrinth’s vocalist Roberto Tiranti and Vision Divine’s keyboard player Alessio Lucatti. The clean production helps making the music more powerful and interesting and the songs are quite varied with many twists and turns. The singer has a decent range and does a really good job in the slower songs.

Strong points:  Technically skilled guitar players, shredding solos and riffs, good length of the songs. The guest singer Roberto Tiranti is sos_foto_lungaexcellent on the acoustic version of the song ‘Last Desire’. It’s unusual with so many ballads; a nice surprise that adds lots of feeling and depth to the record. I would say it’s close to a solid album if it wasn’t for a few things…

Weak points:  For an album of this genre it’s a little bit too long. The songwriting could be better and provide a more dynamic, interesting feeling. The singer’s voice lacks intensity and passion in the heavier songs. The overall sound of the band doesn’t really stand out; I would want to hear some new ideas and unexpected turns in the music.

Recommended songs: ‘Shadows of the Past’ has some really beautiful melodies combined with heavy guitars and drums and is one of the best songs. ‘Secret Words’ is another well constructed, dynamic track. ‘Eternal Life’ is a bit long, but very enjoyable.

This kind of metal is something that I really enjoy if it’s well executed. Soul of Steel shows promising skills of this.


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