Obligitory E3 ‘Console Wars’ Post

Console-WarsAhh, the console wars.  Such fun watching multi-million dollar companies battle it out for my hard-earned cash.  Well, no, not really.  I’ve really never given a shit to be honest.  That is until this year when Microsoft began to introduce a slew of anti-consumer plans such as always on DRM, shady used and borrowed game policies they have been less than transparent on, and a focus on a gaming console that seems to have only 50% dedication to games.  Since their unveiling last month everyone has been saying wait until E3 for the games and they will make the XB1 interesting.  Well, E3 is here and it seems, bar a couple of games, I am really not changing my stance to not support Xbox any more.  They continue to be shady and unclear and when it comes to exclusives, I really don’t go crazy for shooters and racing sims.  The only exclusive they have my attention with is the upcoming Remedy game Quantic Dream.  I loved Alan Wake and Max Payne and am a bit let down that I won’t be playing the next game they release.  Their other big exclusive is Titanfall, but that one is also going to be released for PC, so it’s hardly something that will sway me.  Also, $500 (or €500) for the console?!

Edit: That Project Sharp ‘game making game’ looks really cool and is a much needed point on MS side.  I really hope it doesn’t turn out to be a tech demo game.  It could pave the way for some really interesting stuff in the near future.

PS4 didn’t really blow me away on the games side of things.  Both consoles will be now getting Playstation’s system seller Metal Gear Solid 5 so that can’t really be used as ammunition to make me want to purchase one.  None of the other exclusives they mentioned really got me excited.  And for both Sony and MS, timed exclusive is not a fucking exclusive, it’s retarded.  I’m a patient man, I’ll wait till something is released on my preferred platform.

However, where Sony ‘won’ the console war was on their self-awareness, listening to gamers, and clearly and with utmost transparency stated that the PS4 will be DRM free, not require online to play games, yadda yadda yadda.  Basically, things will keep on how they are now with the exception that in order to play online with the PS4 you will need to subscribe to PS+ at $35 a year (which also nets you a bunch of interesting features, discounts, and a monthly free game).  They basically stomped on an already injured MS’s nards repeatedly in their press conference, and the gamers applauded them for it.  Really, MS really needed to be put in their place for their show of hubris and thinly veiled contempt for gamers.  Sony treated us like they listen to us, MS, well….  Also, a big bullet point for me, PS4 will be region free, which is great for me as a bargain hunter and one who likes to import games as well as $400 (€400).

But I regress.  As much as Sony basically humiliating the well deserved Microsoft, I will not be purchasing either one at or close to launch.  I never do.  I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop, the inevitable hardware update that works out a couple of bugs (I learned my lesson with the 360), and most importantly, a strong catalog of games for me to choose from is built.  As of now, I’m happy with my PC, which will probably need an upgrade when the new wave of AAA games gets released, but oh well it will cost less than and last longer than the consoles, plus great software prices.  And it’s about time I got myself that Wii U I wanted, need my Zelda and Mario rehash fix.

Oh, and since I’m quite big on indie games, PS4 and Wii U gets my vote for their strong support of them.  While MS is looking to work with indie devs, their refusal to change their current getting on XBLA system really needs work if I will ever speak good about them.  And as always, the PC will be the best place to go for the strongest indie scene.

So, what’s your take on the ‘console wars’?


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  1. Sony stomped Microsoft into the ground without a doubt. My one disagreement with you is that I am VERY EXCITED about the PS4 exclusives. Mainly, Final Fantasy XV (Ive been wanting to play Verses XIII since it was announced a million years ago! And the gameplay demo they showed has heightened that want ten fold) not to mention Kingdom Hearts III and the loads of indie games that will probably never release on Xbox One with their strict policies. Last night I finally cancelled my automatic renewal on Xbox Live and decided I’d immediately show my support for sony by reserving the PS4 and signing up for Playstation Plus. Ive already received 10 free games for my efforts cancelling out the 35 dollar prescription fee instantly. I for on am loving what is happening with the PS4. That being said, I’m also very excited for the Wii U announcements coming this morning! Havnt played a Wii U game since launch because I havnt really had anything to play. I think their conference will be strong this morning. My only hope for MS is that they somehow admit that everything they’ve done so far was a mistake and they are starting over from scratch (which obviously wont happen) Unless they change things, I’ll be extremely content with my Xbox 360, PS4 and Wii U.

    • FF15 looks cool, but after 13 I have my reservation. I did however enjoy 13-2 more than its predecessor. This will be the first time I wait on the reviews to roll in before buying a FF game. I also think I am the only person in the world that isn’t that crazy for Kingdom Hearts.
      XBone is pretty much dead in the water at this point, even with their half assed attempt to give away free copies of Halo 3, Assassins Creed 2, and Fable III (really, lol @ MS). The only thing that really interests me in XBone at this point is Quantic Dream and Project Sharp. And on Project Sharp, I’m sure another developer will be quick to improve on the groundwork laid by that game.
      And Nintendo just needs to utter the words, “new Zelda game” and I will squeal louder than a pre-teen girl at a Justin Beever concert.
      I think I will be joining you being content with my PC, 360, very soon forthcoming Wii U, and a PS4 down the road.

      • Hahaha! Whats really funny about Zelda is i LOVE the franchise and I STILL havnt played skyward sword. The first couple hours were SO draining that I just couldnt get past them. Plus Im really lazy. After a long day of work, I just wanna sit and play, not have to move my arms in wide arcs to get the correct swing. I could only play for like a half hour at a time and that turned me off too. That being said, I know I should probably play it. Did you? Also I find it funny that theyre giving away games that most people probably own if they wanted to play them. Like, not even Halo 4 and AC 3. lol.

      • Yes, I played and loved Skyward Sword. The motion controls I felt really fit the game. People over exaggerate the amount of effort you have to put into using them. Simple flicks of the wrist work and still give the desired effect. A couple of the longer flying sections did strain me a bit, but not enough to make me love the game any less.
        And Nintendo just finished their reveals and I have just blown my figurative load. I have not wanted a Wii U more than I do now. Mega Man in SSBros. Hells f’n Yeah!!!! A Bayonetta sequel! Please excuse me while I clean up all this drool. A new Donkey Kong! New Mario Bros game that looks really damn great! New Mario Kart! New IP from Platinum. And Pikmin 3 on the horizon. That and pretty much all the 3rd party ‘big boy’ games I have interest in are coming to Wii U too. I am beyond sold on that console, though I may have to drop a few extra bucks to get a classic controller for games that don’t require the Nintenpad. I also have multiple Wii controllers and a Wii Fit, so I’m already safe on having all the peripherals for the cheesy party games that no one admits to loving but has the time of their life with them after a couple beers.

  2. I am probably going to milk my Xbox 360 for what it’s worth until (like Matt said), the bugs get worked out sometime after launch of the new systems. The thing that kills it for me is the inability to move games and bargain hunt. If i have to pay full price for all of my games, I will only play 5-6 games a year. I look for bargains and I also wait (sometimes) until a game gets old and drops to like $20…another bargain besides buying used.

    If i had to decide now, I would switch to Playstation 4 and trade in my 360…if this was all going down today. I like to think that Microsoft will listen to it’s gamers and possibly change the One before it’s released. Though it doesn’t sound like it. I want to be able to buy a physical CD ROM and then sell it, so right now Playstation is going to allow that.

    I am not too hung up on exclusive games because there are soooooo few of them to actually make a difference. And when it does come to exclusive games, PS4 seems to have a better selection.

    I don’t play on PC, but have created a Steam account and messed around on that a bit. If I am going to do that more regularly, I will need to buy a controller. I can’t use the keys to play.

    Do you remember when you could rent a console from Blockbuster? I did that when I was deciding to go with Playstation or Dreamcast. I went with Playstation. I don’t think renting a console is possible anymore.

    • MS, said you can buy/sell used games through authorized retailers (meaning no Ebay and most likely exclusively Gamestop and Best Buy, don’t quote me). PS4 will have no native DRM like One does, but if a publisher wished to use the Online Pass system they will be able to, Sony isn’t just forcing them to do so like MS is.
      Like you I am a bargain hunter and being one requires patience and not playing many games on release day (Bioshock Infinite was the first game in a looong time I got on release day, and worth it).
      I’ve been reading in between the lines on some of these so-called exclusives, and unless they are from first party developers, exclusive seems to mean timed exclusive, which means it will eventually come out for the console of your choice. So, as of now, the only one of the 3 that really has me vying for their console is Nintendo, because, well, I’m a Nintendo kid and I love their games. 2nd running is PS4, but there is nothing that really has blown me away yet and would really sway me. It’s they have made quite a track record for themselves during the current generation and I feel bad I missed out on a few great games (God of War 3, Metal Gear 4, The Last of Us, Journey).
      If you have a wired 360 controller it works perfectly on the PC. In fact the majority of controller enabled games support it 100% natively in game. If MS has done 1 thing right it’s that controller, bar the iffy d-pad, everything else about it is perfect, especially for adult gamers with rather large hands. I recently bought a new one for 25 euro to replace my well worn out one. Though, if you pay FPS games, a key and mouse I feel is the best way to play them, such accuracy and speed. The rest of the game I need a controller.
      I used to rent consoles as well to try them out before buying. I would have never have bought a Sega Saturn if it wasn’t for renting. Too bad that turned out to be a crappy decision as the game support for it was horrible after the few great launch titles. Oh well, at least I have a piece of sought after gaming history sitting in my attic with a great condition copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga (which seems to be selling for quite a bit on Ebay, though I’m going to hold onto it for a while).

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