Mini Reviews: Eshtadur, Arceye, and Only Fumes & Corpses

Eshtadur – Stay Away From Evil and get Close to Me

ESHTADUR Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me - cover artWelcome to the jungle baby…or more specifically Colombia’s jungle.  Eshtadur’s creations Border on Black/Experimental Metal.  Their nine tracks are a brutal concoction combined with some elements of Thrash with embedded symphonic touches here and there.  Their new album, Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me, is out on June 13, 2013 and boasts both melodic injects and uncompromising ferocity.  The album is coated with deep growls and higher-pitched scowl, guitar solos, and sheer speed most of the time.  Things aren’t always brutal.  Nightmare in a Church is more Thrashy and built for the pit.  Overall, they are a promising band within the Black Metal genre depending on how elitist one might be.  They compare well with Cradle of Filth.

Arceye – At First Light

Cover 001When I look at the “artists we like” section of their facebook page I see Lamb of God, Slayer, Testament, Opeth, Pantera, Metallica, Tool, and Decapitated.  Needless to say, with one eyebrow up and expectations high, I listen with anticipation. Turns out, their recipe for Thrash is tasty and interesting from start to finish.  Overall, the album is a very straightforward Thrash Metal album.  I really dig the instrumental track Sirius which tops out at about 6 ½ minutes.  Damage Done features some clean singing in the mix of harmonious growls and melodic sweeping solos – my favorite track on the album.  And I’m one to normally gravitate to the heavy stuff…this song is a bad ass dark song topping out at almost seven minutes.  The UK five-piece is set to release their album, At First Light, on 7 Aug 2013 worldwide.   Check it out!

*note – I couldn’t find any new music, so you will have to settle on an older video.

Only Fumes & Corpses – Selfish Act II

only-fumes-corpses-selfish-act-ii-artWhen I loaded the Selfish Act II EP to my library I thought part of it failed to download.  I mean, who the hell releases a one-song EP?  Well, Only Fumes & Corpses does.  After taking a second look and noticing the song is over 17 minutes long, all is well now…standard EP timeframe – we’re good to go.  The self-titled EP/song is a long one, in fact, 17 minutes is a very long time for anything related to Hardcore, but Only Fumes & Corpses makes it work.  Longevity in song length is not a bad thing in metal as long as the tempo changes up a bit to keep it interesting.   Only Fumes & Corpses is able to do that by melding elements of Irish Hardcore, Punk, and Thrash.  The EP, or shall I say song, is more melodic than most other Hardcore songs which typically top out at bout 2-3 minutes.  At periodic intervals during the course of Selfish Act II, the fast-paced cadence of Hardcore slows for a more thrash touch with solos here and there.  The song stays interesting through and through and 17 minutes goes by pretty quickly.

*note – for now all we have to look at is a teaser…too short considering the length of the song.


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