Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #21-22

#22 Chimaira – The Impossibility of Reason

This is not a band I usually listen to, however this song came up on a random list in Spotify and the cool combination of guitars and drums in the intro made me want to hear more. It proved to be a really good song too, with a slow, heavy chorus

‘You fall face down at the sight of yourself, no one to pick you up. Look what our lives have become…’

and a nice guitar solo at the end. From the album ‘Impossibility of Reason’ released in 2003.


#21 Devin Townsend – Tiny Tears

‘Where all your hopes and all your cares, they all get out through tiny tears’

This is one of those intros where you can’t know what kind of song it’s going to lead into, if you haven’t heard it before. Will it be a catchy one, a thrashy one or a proggy ballad? I’m quite new to Devin Townsend’s music and discovered ‘Tiny Tears’ when listening to his solo album ‘Terria’, released in 2001. It’s a beautiful, timeless song.


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