Mini Reviews: Antigama, Cadaveria, Infinita Symphonia, Death SS

smg106_webI didn’t realize I was going to start off my morning being assaulted by the sounds of Antigama.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when I hit play and what I was exposed to was brutal to say the least.  In a vein much like Napalm Death, Antigama’s concoction of Grindcore comes complete with all the viciousness you should expect, but this Polish outfit has a unique flair to them…almost like Napalm Death meets Voivod, just heavier on the Grindcore.  Meteor is released on 28 May 2013 and the 11 songs in its entirety conclude after about 30 minutes.  The songs are short, sweet, and utterly wicked with the longest song, Turbulence, chiming in at just 3:33.  It is also an instrumental song featuring some electronic and atmospheric elements.  Several of the songs are utterly bone crushing such as Meteor, Fed By The Feeling, and Crystal Tune.  Overall, Antigama is nothing less than uncompromising.  Need a Grindcore fix?  Look no further.

HorrorMetalIs there such a thing as Horror metal?  I guess it may fall in line with Shock rock, but I never heard the actual term horror metal used much, if at all.  Horror Metal happens to be the chosen moniker of Cadaveria’s newest album, the Italian quintet’s fourth release in January of 2012 – Bakerteam records. Loaded with both clean and growly female vocals, I don’t find it particularly scary, but it is rhythmic in both the melodic and deathly sense.  Her sadistic vocals are on par with Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, and Cadaveria’s clean side provides a harmonious contrast.  They describe themselves as unconventional extreme horror metal.  To me, they are a solid metal band that borderlines the rhythmic styling of Lacuna Coil’s earlier works with a bit of the headbanging thrashiness of Arch Enemy.  The 13 songs on Horror Metal – Undead Edition are a robust 64 minutes.  Some of the standout songs on my initial listen are The Night’s Theater, Assasin, The Days of the After and Behind, and Apocalypse.  Overall, I enjoy the thrash cadences and cleaner, more melodic injections.

INFINITA SYMPHONIA Cover - solo quadratoI think a band’s name should certainly imply some element of what you might hear within the framework of the music.  Though many metal bands are good at naming their organization appropriately, some fail miserably at it.  I won’t go in-depth on that particular subject-matter; it’s my personal pet peeve.  Infinita Symphonia’s new self-titled album, the subject of this part of the mini review, would NOT make my list of bands with meaningless names.  I expected to hear something in the realm of Power metal with possibly a symphonic flair to it and that’s exactly what I got.  If I could Go Back kicked off the album and had my foot-tapping almost immediately.  Overall, I found the album to be an enjoyable experience from start to finish loaded with melody, strong guitars, and emotional ballads.  The vocals and the musicianship are strong all around with a nice balance between softer and heavier songs.  Infinita Symphonia is a solid album from start to finish.

death-ss-coverDeath SS is another band that could fall into the Horror metal realm.  Their horror and occultism themed music is catchy and melodic and often examines a much darker side.  They are reminiscent of Marilyn Manson, Murderdolls, Dope, Nine Inch Nails, and HIM to name a few influences ringing in my ear.  Their latest album, Resurrection, is out at the end of July 2013 and boasts about an hour of solid catchy riffs.  Overall, not a bad album despite this particular subgenre not being very high on my pecking order.  I did find numerous songs enjoyable, finger-tapping experiences.


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  1. I’m liking Infinita Symphonia. Thanks for the introduction. I must admit that their low budget, playing-in-their-basement style video you linked is a big selling point for me. I love the idea of young metalheads busting their guts to blast out this kind of emotional, epic-leaning power metal just for the pure love of it.

    • I am glad you found something you like. For these short mini reviews I tend to leave my opinion out of it, but I did find redeeming qualities of all four of these bands after hearing all their songs.

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