Album Review: Carved – Dies Irae

BT 022 Cover

The band Carved was formed in Italy in 2007 and released their first EP two years later. They have now created their first full length album, titled ‘Dies Irae’ (Day of Wrath). It’s being labeled as melodic death metal, but it’s leaning heavily towards the gothic-symphonic style of metal, with catchy melodies, half-growling vocals and dominating synths.

The music reminds me of the German band Crematory; dramatic, dark, with quite simple song structures and very melodic. Fortunately there is also the occasional appearance of slightly operatic female vocals which adds a little more diversity to the album, something that is always welcome. I’m surprised to see the total length of the record is only 36 minutes long, but it makes it an easy listen and doesn’t last long enough to become boring.

These guys know how to craft good melodies, although at times the keyboards are a bit over-used; it sounds strange and out of place. The songs don’t flow very well and seem more or less programmed instead of actually played by someone, which kind of ruins the experience. The singer is doing all right; he has a voice that suits gothic music, but when I get to the fourth track called ‘Scripta Manent (Bullshit)’ and I hear him scream “bullshit, bullshit!” several times in the chorus I blink in disbelief and start to wonder if this band is serious or if they are just joking around…

This album is okay, but not more than that. It leaves plenty of room for improvement.

‘Dies Irae’ was released on March 26th by Bakerteam Records.

Recommended for fans of Crematory, Tiamat, Darkseed, gothic, symphonic and melodic death metal


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