Concert Review: Opeth/Katatonia

094It was another affair with Opeth, my second, this time at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado 20 May 2013.  It was not surprising that Katatonia were on board to open the show seeing how both bands are very good friends and tour together often.  This was also my second time seeing Katatonia, but this evening was provided more Katatonia than I have ever seen, since the first time was at a festival…and a 25 minute set doesn’t do much justice for most bands.  And before you read on, no there was no special set of Bloodbath afterward…though that would have been very cool.

075As I arrived I couldn’t help but notice the large amount of Katatonia attire donning the torsos of many eager fans…me being one of them.  It was no surprise then, that by the time Katatonia took the stage, the small theater was packed and ready to hear their mix of melancholic doom and gloom.  They played about a solid hour or so which was more than I could ask for from an opening band.  From my time seeing that short Katatonia set a couple of years ago, I left Sonisphere UK thinking about how meticulous they were.  This evening in Boulder solidified my first impression of their live show.  They were very meticulous, clean, and mesmerizing.  Their set covered a decent mix of their discography though mostly newer material.  The only bummer was Last Fair Deal Gone Down, my personal favorite, was left out.  But, the songs they did play were well selected with about four coming from their latest album Dead End Kings.  Some of the older material they entertained us with was July, Forsaken, Day and then the Shade, My Twin, Burn The Remembrance, Soil’s Song, and The Longest Year.  Overall, the set was great and the audience was more than welcoming for Katatonia…fucking loud actually!

Then it was time for Opeth.  I heard from others while we were waiting outside that the growls of Mikael Akerfeldt made it back into the Opeth set.  Some kid kind of ruined things a bit by looking at the setlist online and blabbing what they played at previous recent shows.  No big deal overall, but the surprise was kind of killed.  My first time seeing Opeth time was on the Heritage tour…awesome, but no growling.  If you have seen Opeth before then you know they are another meticulous live band.  This evening was no exception.  They were firing on all cylinders and Mikael’s banter with the crowd was relevant, comical, and entertaining.   If you do not want to know what was on the set list, then I will warn you now…SPOILER ALERT!  They opened with The Devil’s Orchard, then played Ghost of Perdition, White Cluster, Hope Leaves, Atonement, Deliverance, Heir Apparent, Hax Process, Demon of the Fall, The Lines in My Hand, and closed with Blackwater ParkDemon of the Fall was played with acoustic guitars and was really friggin’ cool.  The set may have only been 11 songs, but was a cool two-hour set.  The songs were well played and time went by just too fast.

064For the third time in my life, I decided to go with the VIP package and meet Opeth.  The overall experience was well worth the extra cash for the few items given to us, signed by the band, and time for pictures and conversation.  They were very nice guys and if you have the chance and the resources, I highly recommend meeting Opeth.


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