Song Of The Week: Primordial – Empire Falls

Where is the fighting man? Am I he? You would trade every truth for hollow victories…  

Every empire will fall, every monument crumble 

Forgotten men who watch the centuries”

Primordial are the Irish masters of everything dark and cruel. Few bands can write songs as aggressive and unrelenting and still give so much room for passion and emotions in their music. When listening I can feel their pride, the struggles, the sorrow and despair they are singing about. It’s an unforgettable experience. ‘Empire Falls’ is taken from the album ‘The Nameless Dead’.


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  1. Wow, this is great. Thanks for the introduction! Is this song representative of Primordial’s vocal style overall? I personally love the mostly clean vocals, with just the hints of a more extreme style sprinkled in thoughtfully and sparingly.

    • Nice to hear that you like it!
      Yes, this is what they sound like on most of their songs. Their vocalist is really something special and contributes a lot to the feeling in the songs with his passionate, mournful voice. If you like this song, check out their albums ‘To the Nameless Dead’ and ‘The Gathering Wilderness’, those two are fantastic! I think the full albums can be found on Youtube.

  2. Primordial are one of my favorite bands. I bought The gathering wilderness because when I saw the cover artwork I was just in the mood for what it seemed to promise (sounds kind of depressing 😉 ). It was a real stressful day and when I came home I was tired and just put in the record and lay down on my bed, no lights on. And the beginning of the record instantly got me. The atmosphere of the music just sucked my out of where I was and to the bleak and ancient scenarios Nemtheanga sings about and the sad stories he tells with his afflicted vocals.

    It was a great experience and the music really touched something in me. Also I recreate this setting from time to time, when I feel in a certain way. It always has something relieving.
    I like the two records after that as well, but likely due to this experience, not as much as The gathering wilderness. I also still want to check out their previous records.

    Great post!

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